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Sonny drops by Michael’s office at ELQ to tell him he’s split up with Carly again. Sonny’s disappointed he’s not more surprised. Michael feels bad for Avery and Joss. He assures his father that he doesn’t have anything to do with Nelle anymore. Sonny wants to protect him anyway. Michael’s glad he dropped by and assures him he only blames Olivia for what’s happened to the family. They hug.

Jason is at Wyndemere to see Valentin. He’s looking for answers about what Helena did to his son. The Cassadine is cagey. Jason asks if there are any scarecrows on the island. Valentin is bewildered but offers to let him search the island, suggesting he start with the olive grove.

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Laura tells Kevin she's taking a trip-ABCLaura tracks down Kevin at the hospital and tells him she has to take a trip to Turkey with Tracy. He wonders if Luke is in prison. She just needs to help Tracy with something and promises him a great reunion when she gets back. Meanwhile, Liz drags Franco into a corner. She can’t believe he just proposed to her. He thinks it was perfectly sensible. The nurse wonders if this is about them or his role in Jake’s life. He wants to commit to her and the family. She asks him to keep his distance from Jake instead. He agrees to do things her way. As they kiss, Jason interrupts. Liz tells Franco she may not have said yes but she didn’t say no either. He leaves and Liz assures Jason that Franco is taking a step back. Plus, she knows who can help them with Jake. They talk to Kevin, who offers to refer them to Andre to discuss Jake.

Alexis returns home and gets a call. They hang up. When the phone rings again, she answers, “Julian?” It’s just Sam. That’s awkward. Sam thinks she should come over but her mom talks her out of it and promises to pay her a visit.

Lulu bumps into Nelle-ABCLulu bumps into Nelle at Kelly’s and introduces herself before quizzing her about Charlotte. Lulu gets emotional and tells her about how she’s been kept from her daughter. She admits she’s been making mistakes since she found out about being her mother. Before Nelle escapes, she asks how Michael is. Lulu says he’s keeping to himself. Nelle leaves, looking sad and worried. As Lulu heads out the door, she bumps into her mom, who informs her she’s taking off with Tracy. Lulu says that’s okay and they chat about Nelle. Her mom urges her to be smart about how they deal with her.

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Alexis arrives at Sam’s with cookies and diapers. She admits she was drinking earlier and explains Julian got her to stop. She’s worried about the call she got so Sam traces it to a pay phone by the bridge where Julian died. Sam has to calm her down. Scout wakes up and her grandma decides to take off. Sam begs her to move in but her mom just wants to go home to bed. Once she’s gone, Sam calls the gas station near the phone booth to see if they have surveillance cameras.

Alexis goes home and tries to read but the wind keeps disturbing her.

Valentin tells Jason about the scarecrow-ABCWhen Nelle gets to Wyndemere, she explains to Valentin that she ran into Lulu. He makes her tell him everything Falconeri said. Nelle glosses over things and he lets her know that Lulu is not to be trusted. He hands her a key and goes to bed. She remembers the key chain Michael gave her.

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