At the Metro Court, Tracy insists that Laura go with her to Turkey to help her recover her father’s painting, but Laura refuses. They argue for a while until Laura gives up and agrees. Tracy hugs her. Meanwhile at their table, Curtis’ phone rings right as he and Jordan are about to kiss. It’s Jason calling for help on a case involving Jake. Curtis agrees to help and they plan to meet in the morning. The two pick up where they left off and share a kiss. They are about to leave when Jordan gets a call from the station about an alarm being triggered at the Floating Rib. Curtis suggests it is nothing and to send some uniforms over.

Jason-Sam-discuss-Jake-GH-ABC At their apartment, Jason fills Sam in on Jake and the drawing he made with Franco. Jason wonders if Franco is the one putting these ideas in Jake’s head to look like a hero to Liz, or to get to him. Sam wouldn’t put it past Franco, but says helping Jake is the main point. Jason agrees, but admits he may have strained things when he threatened to revisit custody of Jake over Franco moving in with Liz. Sam feels Liz is blinded by her love for Franco, but for now they should focus on Jake. Jason says she’s right and he has a plan.

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At GH, Kiki runs into Liz, who is volunteering at the hospital to honor Morgan and is considering becoming a certified nurse’s aid. Kiki tells Liz she’s been worried about Franco because she hasn’t heard from him lately. Liz explains what has been happening with Jake, and that she had to slow things down with Franco because Jason didn’t like the idea of him moving in. Kiki tells her not to let Jason bully her like this. Liz is hoping Jason will calm down and do nothing, but she will do anything to keep her kids. Kiki advises her to tell Franco to move back in, and fight Jason in court if she has too.

Franco-visits-Nina-GH-ABC Franco turns up at Wyndemere with a gift to wish Nina a long and happy marriage. She asks why he’s here. He admits he needs to talk to someone about Liz and Jake. Nina becomes upset that Franco is suddenly a part-time father to Jake when he wouldn’t be a father to their child. He apologizes, but she says if he hadn’t been such an ass then she wouldn’t have ended up here and so happy. Franco fills Nina in on Jason’s threat to take Jake from Liz if he’s in their lives. Nina doesn’t think he should give up on Liz and Jake if they mean so much to him, but in the eyes of the law he is nothing to them because they aren’t married. Franco thinks Nina is suggesting he marry Liz. She didn’t mean that, but tells him to do it because it will solve his problems. She sees Franco out.

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At the Floating Rib, two armed robbers in masks use Ava as a hostage to keep everyone in line while they hand over their valuables. One of the men notices Morgan’s pills sitting on the bar next to the small statue Ava gave to Lucy. The goon takes the pills, but leaves the statue because he says it is ugly. He then demands Ned hand over the ring he used to propose to Olivia, but Olivia grabs it and refuses. She tells them this ring symbolizes love and hope, and she won’t hand it over. The other robber points a gun at Olivia’s face and demands the ring. Ned jumps in front of Olivia, and a shot is fired. PCPD have arrived and the shot came from Jordan’s gun. The PCPD apprehend the robbers, and Olivia yells at Ned for jumping in front of the thief. He can’t believe she was going to die for a ring. He jokes that she is terrified of marriage, but not of a robber. Olivia admits she was terrified for a moment that she lost him, and realizes she must stop letting her insecurities call the shots. Olivia asks Ned to marry her, and he says yes. Ned puts the ring on her finger, and Olivia yells, “I’m marrying a rock star!” Meanwhile, Ava tries to retrieve her things from the bad guy’s bag, but Jordan says they are evidence. Lucy chuckles this is bad news for Ava, as Morgan’s pills are headed to the station.

Franco arrives at GH where he gets down on one knee and proposes to Liz.

Back at Wyndemere, Jason turns up to speak with Valentin about Jake.

On the next General Hospital:

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Laura tells Kevin about her trip.

Sam asks Alexis if she’s been drinking.

Jason asks Valentin for a favor.

Liz asks Franco if his proposal is about the two of them or Jason.

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