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At the Metro Court, Jordan and Curtis complement how great the other looks. She’s looking forward to working with him and he questions if it’s a job offer. She announces she cleared him at his previous job so he could be reinstated. She hires him and congratulates ‘Officer Ashford.’ turns Jordan down, which disappoints her. He’s more interested in staying a private investigator. They hold hands while she worries about him working with Jason. Curtis reminds her if things work out for them, they won’t get in trouble for fraternizing. She thinks only an act of God could bring them together. Curtis pretends to catch a butterfly and then kisses her. At the bar, Tracy complains about Ava’s finder’s fee. Ava invites Tracy to find her painting on her own in any of the hundreds of auction houses. Her point doesn’t escape Tracy who writes her an impressive check for half what she’ll pay for Ava’s help. Ava takes a moment to search her phone, and then squeals, “I’ve got it!” Tracy writes the second check warning Ava it better not be a scam. Alone, Tracy complains after disconnecting with a Turkish auctioneer. Laura appears and] admits she can speak Turkish from her days on the run from Frank Smith. She offers to make the call free of charge. Tracy gets excited when Laura confirms everything Ashton said as truth. She learned the painting is in a monastery but advises Tracy not to go. Tracy will go, and decides to bring Laura with her.

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Nathan arrives at Perks to meet Dante after dropping Maxie off at the airport. She went to Portland about a job. Dante asks, “What does that mean for you?” Nathan misses her like crazy but it’s only three months. They go over scenarios of how this will work out.

Nurse Amy rushes to Griffin at the nurses’ station, excited to get her chance to shine. Nina interrupts looking for a pediatrician. Amy runs off as Griffin gives Nina a referral. Before he can get away, she asks if he can keep Anna away from Valentin. Griffin would like nothing more than to keep them apart but questions if Nina is jealous. She pokes fun at Griffin having an affair with a married woman and parts, saying, “Father.”
In the elevator, Amy calls her roommate – tonight they celebrate.

At Wyndemere, Anna begs Valentin to believe her, but he doesn’t change his account of her sleeping with him to gain information. She only remembers him trying to kiss her and he assures her there was more. After her denying him a kiss, he moved on to a job with a higher security facility than her. When she contacted him for his help, he fell for it, she ruined his career and broke his heart. Seated, Anna touches his face with tears in her eyes, saying, “Valentin.” Nina walks in and questions what’s going on. Anna promises she won’t see her again and leaves. Nina expresses she can’t have another man lie to her. Valentin tells her everything. Nina realizes he tried to protect Anna. She hugs him, believing it wasn’t his fault. Valentin’s left confused about Anna not remembering everything. Nina assures Valentin he’ll get past this and she’ll be there with him.

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Ned ignores a call from Tracy at The Floating Rib. Olivia joins him excited about their evening but he’s worried about Lord Ashton. He decides not to call Tracy, tonight is about them. He offers a heartfelt proposal. Olivia argues they don’t need a document, she just wants to love him. Ned wants her to believe in love. She does, but not marriage. He decides being together as they are is not enough. Meanwhile, Ava bumps into Lucy and pays for her bribes with Tracy’s checks. Lucy reminds her it’s a donation and it’s not enough. Ava pulls a valuable antique treasure from her purse, hoping to settle things. Lucy reluctantly agrees after seeing its value and slams Morgan’s drugs on the bar. Nearby, Olivia realizes Ned is breaking up with her when suddenly two masked men rush in with guns. Ned looks at his grandmother’s ring while Ava stares at Morgan’s drugs on the bar.

Griffin chases Anna down at GH and offers to help her when she can’t find Andre. She admits Valentin told her everything that happened, but she doesn’t remember any of it. Griffin questions if Valentin was lying or if he has her confused with someone. Suddenly, Anna thinks she may have known what happened. She needs to take a trip.

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