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Outside Kelly’s, Kevin thinks it’s wrong for Laura to question Andre’s resume and supports his evaluation. Laura is shocked that Kevin agrees with Andre and finds it’s hard to be patient. She’s certain Valentin will rig the system in six months unless someone gets out ahead of him. Kevin realizes Laura’s talking about herself. She doesn’t understand why he’s bothered but he only wants to help so she can do the right thing. They hug and he leaves. Inside, Michael finishes his call when Nelle brings Charlotte in. She announces she’s Charlotte’s new nanny and introduces her. He’s surprised she isn’t running from Port Charles and she asks if he’s telling her to go. She wants to make things right but he advises her to focus on her new job. Nelle will leave him be if that’s what he wants. He thinks Port Charles is big enough for them both. Laura enters and looks questionably at Nelle who joins Charlotte ordering hot chocolate. Laura introduces herself as Charlotte’s grandmother and as Nelle rushes out, Laura makes a call for someone to get down there – fast, then expresses interest in the new nanny to Michael. Michael assures her Nelle has a background in childcare and is good with kids but he won’t say more, they’re no longer friends.

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Obrecht enters Anna’s, surprised at being asked for her help. Anna serves tea and inquires what Obrecht knows about Valentin Cassadine. Obrecht thinks she knows less about her in-law than Anna does. Faison might know more. Obrecht snaps at her. Faison has freed himself of his shackles of oppression at wanting Anna. Anna’s desperate, needing confidential information. Obrecht finishes laughing deliriously at Anna’s desperation and then demands Brit and Faison are allowed back in Port Charles. Anna thinks there’s more at stake, her family is in danger of Valentin’s actions as well and hopes Faison would help.

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Lulu finds Dillon at Crimson and gripes about Nina supporting Valentin. Coming from a place of love, Dillon thinks it’s fortuitous that Nina’s not there and advises her to follow the judge’s rule. Lulu isn’t fighting the judge, she’s fighting the man who killed her brother and there’s always other options. Dillon thinks other options could blow up in her face and wonders if that’s a risk she’s willing to take. Downstairs with Valentin in the Metro Court restaurant, Nina’s not sure Anna will let the past. Valentin promises to continue offering Anna stronger proof that he wants peace. Nora interrupts, reminding them they’ll be under review in six months as much as Lulu. Nina worries about Lulu’s hostility and Valentin explains, “She’s erratic.” Nora points out that’s what people say about him and leaves. Nina searches Valentin’s face and questions what Lulu can drudge up about him before the next hearing. Valentin’s sure nobody will ever touch his family, he’s done what he’s had to do. Nina stares back speculatively before discussing taking their celebration home now that Charlotte is with the nanny. She’s explaining Nelle’s problems with Corinthos family when Charlotte and Nelle arrive. Alone with Valentin, Nelle tries to explain her circumstances but he trusts Nina. Besides if she were to hurt Charlotte, they’d never find her body. Nelle just nods. Nearby Obrecht makes a call.

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Liv senses Griffin approach her from behind while seated in court and says, “Hi Duke.” He reminds her that’s not his name but she only sees how much he reminds her of ‘Duke’ his father. He’s there to testify instead of giving an affidavit. Liv smiles and says, “You just couldn’t stay away from me, you’re just like your dad.” She struggles seeing anything of his mother in him. Griffin asks, “What the hell do you know about my mother?” Nora arrives and demands Griffin back away from her client. He apologizes as the D.A. joins them, and then briefs Griffin. Meanwhile, Liv feigns weakness and worries over her sensitive soul. The judge enters and recounts all Liv’s crimes. Nora glances at Liv with raised brow in disbelief. Kevin takes the stand and can’t prove that Liv’s not faking mental deficiency. After, Nora questions Griffin and rubs her forehead stressed over Griffin’s account of being kidnapped by Liv to restore Duke’s soul to his body. Later, Nora explains Liv’s transport arrangements to her Darkum Assylum before going home to see her husband. Liv responds, “Tell that old cowboy of yours I said hi.” Nora’s taken aback but wishes her well and leaves.

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At Anna’s, Griffin recounts Liv’s hearing. She believes Liv got more than she bargained for feigning mental instability this time. Griffin’s confused about one thing, Liv’s knowledge of his mother. Anna thinks he should let it go, they have more pressing matters…Valentin.

At Kelly’s, Laura tells Lulu that Nelle may be useful.

Nelle returns Charlotte to Nina at Crimson who promises Valentin’s a big bear.

Downstairs, Nora informs Valentin she’s taken care of Olivia Jerome, his associate, for him.

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