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Outside of the hospital, Hayden runs into Curtis, who is eager to find Jordan. He runs in to search and soon learns that the cops are already looking for her. When he tries calling, he hears her phone ringing in a closet and kicks it open. She’s on the floor. He wakes her up. She spots Julian and questions him about his sister. He has no answers and leaves to check on his daughter. Upstairs, Griffin throws Finn up against a wall and demands that he take time off for rehab. Before he can drag him off to see Monica, Liz tells Monroe that his patient needs him. Once they leave, Finn nearly swipes some meds but Liz returns to catch him. She can’t let him treat patients. Hayden arrives and Sam tattles. “He’s an addict,” Liz explains. Hayden knows. Her sister urges her not to be an enabler. Hayden drags the doctor down to an exam room and threatens that if he doesn’t get clean immediately, she’ll have him thrown out of the hospital. Meanwhile, Sam and Jason hang out with their baby. He doesn’t understand how Liv got away with the PCPD all over the hospital. Alexis arrives with a gift basket and hugs. Jason takes off. Alexis vents about Liv and Julian. Sam tells her to admit she’s worried about him. Her mom vents and finally learns the baby’s name. While Robin is in the elevator shaft rigged to a bomb, Dante tries to keep Anna calm but she’s desperate to find Robin. They bicker about it but he begs her to stay in bed. Once he leaves, she tries to go. Jason finds her in tears so she explains her daughter is in trouble. She guesses that Robin is still in the hospital. When they get to the elevator shaft that’s been shut down, Anna says her past has come back to haunt her. She flashes back to when Liz made her miscarry and guesses Robin must be in the elevator shaft. Dante joins them and they pry the door open. Robin’s standing on a pressure plate and the time is set to 25 minutes. Jason holds Anna back and Dante calls the bomb squad. As the alarms go off, Jason de-gags Robin. Dante returns and Alexis comes to investigate all the alarms going off. Jason tells her to get Sam and the baby out. He thinks he can swap his body for Robin’s on the plate and she can escape. Anna wants to do it but her daughter worries she’ll faint. He and Robin swap places. Jordan and Curtis join the crowd. Anna drags Robin away. Since the bomb squad are taking so long, Jason suggests they send him to the roof. Curtis gets in the elevator and hits the button.
Elsewhere in the hospital, Liz finds Griffin and tells him they need to evacuate with his patient. He says she’s too weak to go and won’t leave her side. Back down the hall, Hayden and Finn hear Jordan on the intercom, announcing that they need to evacuate. They try the doors but they are all locked. The cell reception is dead. Hayden wants him to promise to get clean if they survive. He loves her. Meanwhile, Alexis packs up Sam and the baby. Sam wants to see her husband but her mom won’t allow it. When they get outside, Sam spots Anna, who explains that Jason took Robin’s place on the bomb.

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Liv pulls a gun on AvaAva is surprised to find Liv waiting for her at the penthouse. Liv gabs about how much they have in common and then pulls a gun on her. She demands to know where Julian is. Ava doesn’t know and lectures her about killing Morgan. Increasingly distraught, Liv complains about how green tea doesn’t work. Ava reaches for a gun but her sister stops her, ordering her to call him. She calls the hospital, pages him, and gets him on the line, begging him to come home. Eventually, he arrives and finds his little sister bound to a chair.

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