In her room at the hospital, Sam tells Jason that she has the perfect name picked out for the baby. Monica comes in and learns they have named the baby Emily Scout Morgan, in part after her daughter. Monica is touched. An officer stops by to give Monica an update from Dante, which prompts Sam and Jason to ask what is going on. Monica tells them about the lockdown and that Olivia is there. Monica assures them that they are safe. In the hallway, Brad taunts Finn over the lockdown and him being without his Zen Zen. The two argue, and Brad is still upset that he didn’t get his cut of the money for the cure. No cash means he doesn’t have to keep Finn’s secret. Finn wonders what Lucas would say when he finds out Brad has been blackmailing him and is back to his old ways. Brad walks off. Griffin-Anna-capture-Olivia-GH-HW Down in the lab, Griffin and Anna hold Olivia captive, but Olivia taunts Anna that she has Robin. Anna gets physical with her, which weakens her in her frail condition. Olivia tries to run, but Griffin holds a gun on her and orders her to stop. Olivia points out he can either let her go or let Anna die, but he can’t do both. Griffin chooses to save Anna, and gets her up to a room. Dante questions him about what happened. Griffin leaves Finn checks with Anna while he takes Dante down to the lab. Finn works to patch up Anna’s wound as Brad looms about and notices Finn has the shakes while he tries to help Anna. Later, Brad tells Griffin that Finn is in no condition be helping Anna. Griffin goes to see Finn and confronts him about his addiction and threatens to tell Monica. Meanwhile, Monica goes to update Jason and Sam that Olivia has escaped. Back in Anna’s room, Anna comes to and tells Dante that Olivia has her daughter.

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Joss shows up at Nelle’s because they are supposed to be going to the Shawn Mendez concert. Nelle realizes Carly hasn’t told her about their falling out, and she tells Joss they can’t go and she should leave. Joss doesn’t understand, so Nelle tells her things have changes and they aren’t friends anymore. She orders her to go home, shows her out, and slams the door in her face.

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Michael works late at ELQ and gets a visit from Carly. She wants to make sure they are on the same page about Nelle, but quickly wonders if Michael still has feelings for her. Michael is angry and humiliated, but he can’t hate Nelle given what her father did to her. Joss walks in and asks what is going on with Nelle. Michael leaves them to talk, and Carly finds the best way to explain to Joss that Nelle was lying to them to sabotage their family. Joss wants more details, but Carly doesn’t feel it wouldn’t be appropriate to tell her. Joss puts the pieces together and figures out Sonny cheated with Nelle. Joss doesn’t understand why Nelle would do this. Carly tells her that Nelle is sick, but she won’t let Nelle hurt them again.

Ava-Kiki-forgive-GH-HW Ava is back home in her apartment when Kiki drops by. Kiki questions her mom about her back from the dead aunt. Ava tells Kiki that she never knew Olivia, except by reputation. Kiki apologizes to her mom for thinking she may have had anything to do with the bomb that killed Morgan. Ava doesn’t need an apology, but Kiki wants her mom to understand that she knows she’s trying to be a better person. Kiki has plans with Dillon, but offers to have Ava join them. Kiki has plans with Dillon, but offers to have Ava join them. Ava tells her it isn’t necessary, and she just wants to take a bath. Ava walks Kiki to her car, and returns to find Olivia sitting on her couch.

Nelle goes to The Floating Rib to get a drink, where she runs into Michael. She wants to explain, but Michael says he’s heard enough. He understands her need for revenge, but he will never forgive her. Nelle swears she realized a future with him was worth more than her revenge scheme. Michael points out his mother and father suffered enough after Morgan’s death. Michael can’t understand how she’d use that situation to seduce his father. She tells him he has it wrong, but he doesn’t want to hear anymore and walks out.

Back at GH, the closed off elevators at the hospital are marked out of service, and in the bottom of the shaft a bomb is ticking down.

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