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carly-warns-nelle-GH-ABCNelle packs her things at her apartment and pauses to remember her time with Michael at the cabin. Carly arrives with Nelle’s paycheck and warns there’ll be hell to pay if she goes near her family again. Nelle argues Carly had Frank all wrong and produces Carly’s rattle. Carly’s sure he forgot to pawn it claiming he was only interested in her when she became rich. Nelle won’t be accused of living in a fantasy world and says, “I can prove you’re lying.” She shows her a letter addressed to Carly returned to sender, and then dumps the rest out of her jewelry box on the floor. She reads Carly’s first letter to Frank expressing not caring for him or his little brat. It’s funny to her that Carly didn’t care about them until she needed a kidney. Carly stands by her story of thinking it was Jake’s kidney. Nelle wonders who bought it then? Carly tells her to get on the bus out of Port Charles and leaves. Alone Nelle says, “I think it’s time to give this town another chance.” In the hall, Carly makes a call to someone and says, “We need to talk.”

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Sonny arrives at Michael’s office while Michael thinks about Nelle. Sonny wants to apologize to him but Michael advises he apologize to Carly instead. Sonny points out they haven’t talked and explained how Nelle plotted against them. Michael’s upset for not seeing it but more upset Sonny didn’t warn them, he’s better than this. Sonny promises to prove himself again but before leaving warns Michael not be his normal forgiving self with Nelle. She’s dangerous and he shouldn’t let her back in his life.

nina-testifies-charlottes-custody-GH-ABCIn court, Nora warns Valentin to stay calm when Nina arrives. Laura smiles as the judge invites Nina to give her statement and tries to assure Lulu and Dante. Nina takes the stand and explains how wonderful Valentin is for Charlotte while expressing all the love she has for her husband. After, Valentin thanks Nina who’s still angry at him but believes they have a marriage worth fighting for. Diane approaches the bench, asking for immediate custody of Charlotte because of Valentin kidnapping Lulu’s embryo. Nora acts shocked at Diane’s creative interpretation of the law but compliments her during the break while Laura snippily confronts Nina for not taking their talk seriously. The judge returns and denies the request, ordering a psych evaluation of Charlotte. Diane’s pleased. Nora hopes there’s nothing hiding in Valentin’s closet.

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duke-returns-gh-ghostly-abcJordan rushes into Julian’s room after having the basement searched and finding nothing. Julian reiterates that Liv is ‘under’ GH. Jordan’s perplexed and mentions Dr. Monroe is missing. They consider he may be in danger and Jordan radios orders for a team to search below GH. Rudge slips into Julian’s room as Jordan leaves. He expected to find Julian in the trunk of a car but will take care of him there. He attempts to smother him but Julian pushes the call button and Felix startles Rudge who rushes out. In the basement lab, Griffin finds Liv standing over Anna and admits he’s Duke. Because of her he lives again and compliments her for always being a powerful woman. He kisses her seductively on her neck after removing her scarf. All she can see is the real Duke as she looks at Griffin. They embrace and Griffin nods at the scarf he dropped for Anna to use as a tourniquet. Liv hears Duke inviting her to leave now but Liv worries about Anna who’s always gotten in the way. Griffin tells Anna he’s always loved her but his heart belongs to Liv. He ties Anna’s tourniquet, telling her the best thing to do is walk out the door. Liv won’t allow it and apologizes saying, “I’m sorry my love, Anna must die.” Outside the lab, Jordan finds blood on the wall and then is called back to Julian’s room where she returns to question Felix. She then tells hospital security that GH is now on complete lockdown. Back in the lab, Anna promises not to say a word about anything Liv’s done, being happy as she is that Duke’s alive. Liv doesn’t care and prepares to shoot her but Griffin stands in the way. Liv sees and hears Duke who agrees it’s the way it should be but he should be the one to pull the trigger. Liv’s flattered Duke would kill Anna for her and gives Griffin the gun who points it at Liv. Anna explains to a confused Liv how it’s Griffin, not Duke, who’s holding a gun at her. Flashbacks of Liv’s past with Duke overcome her. She’s angry at being tricked and jumps Griffin. He drops the gun but Anna get a hold of Liv and he retrieves it again. Liv struggles, screaming at them that it’s not over, she knows something they don’t. If Anna arrests her, she’ll never know what happened to Robin.

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Outside the lab, Jordan is knocked out from behind while investigating.

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