At the station, Jordan informs Alexis that men are looking for Olivia. Alexis asks about Julian. Jordan doesn’t know if he’s her victim or accomplice. Alexis tells her about the key to a safe deposit box with a letter that Julian said would explain everything, but she can’t get access unless he’s dead or goes missing. Jordan believes she can get a warrant for it. Alexis leaves and gets a call from Monica about Sam’s condition. Later, Ava is brought in and Jordan informs her that her sister Olivia is alive and may be involved with Julian in a conspiracy. Jordan asks if she knows anything about Olivia. Ava never knew her, but tells her that Olivia was obsessed with Duke and Anna, so she should be asking Anna about her.

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liv-meets-griffin-GH-ABC Olivia pulls into the garage and GH, gets out of her car, and checks on Julian, who is bound in her trunk. She pulls a large suitcase out, and Griffin appears and offers to help her. Olivia quickly closes the trunk and tells him that she’s just bringing books to a friend. She feels he is strangely familiar and wonders if they’ve met. Griffin suggests maybe she knew his father Duke. Olivia says she never met him, but she knew of him. Griffin tells her to take care and heads into the hospital. Olivia opens the car trunk and asks why Julian kept this information from her. Robin-Anna-hopsital-GH-XJJ Meanwhile, Robin checks on her mother in her room. Anna wish in times like these her daughter had a sibling to lean on. She thinks about the children she lost, including the baby that Olivia cost her by rigging the elevator she was in crashed. Griffin comes in to check on Anna, and Robin agrees to go home and rest because Anna begs her to. Later, Jordan arrives and asks Anna to tell her about Olivia. Anna finds it so odd she’d ask this because she and Robin were just talking about her. Jordan reveals that Olivia may be alive. Back in the garage, Olivia decides to deal with Julian later because she has more important things to do. She shuts the trunk and Robin walks up and gasps, “It’s you!” Back inside, Jason sits by Sam’s side. He admits he’s afraid and begs her to open her eyes or squeeze his hand so that he knows she’s still there. He cries that he’s not strong enough to do this without her. Meanwhile, Alexis arrives and is filled in on Sam’s condition by Monica. Later, Alexis brings her granddaughter to Sam’s room, and Jason holds the baby up to Sam. Sam wakes up and looks at her daughter.

Nelle-hates-Carly-GH-XJJ At Nelle’s, Nelle reveals her real last name is Benson, and she Frank Benson’s daughter. Carly calls Frank a deadbeat who walked out on her and her mother. Nelle says that was a lie, and Virginia got a restraining order against him. Carly informs her that was Frank Benson left her and Virginia with a ton of debt. She wonders if that’s what he did to Nelle and her mother. Nelle says he was good to them, but he wasn’t good with money. Nelle cries that Frank loved Carly and tried to ask her for help, but she wouldn’t answer any of his letters. Carly screams he wanted a handout and she didn’t owe him a dime. Nelle says he meant nothing to her until Joss got sick and she demanded a kidney. Carly never asked Frank for a kidney, and says they thought Jake Webber was his donor. Nelle explains that isn’t how it happened, and her dad had already donated her kidney. Nelle thinks Carly is lying and tells her, “What goes around comes around bitch!” Carly slaps her. Sonny tells Nelle that Carly didn’t screw her over, Frank did. Nelle thinks Sonny should be thanking her for revealing Carly as a liar and a loser. He calls her a spoiled brat who has no idea who she messed with. Michael tells Nelle that Frank fed her a pack of lies, and in all these months nobody here tried to lie to her or use her. He wonders why she didn’t question her father’s story. Carly calls her a snake, who used Morgan’s death to sabotage her family. Carly warns her the pain she caused them will come back towards her like a runaway truck. Carly storms off, and Sonny warns Nelle that she made more than one enemy here. Sonny leaves to check on Carly. Carly hates Nelle, but she can barely look at Sonny for having sex with her. Meanwhile, Nelle swears to Michael she really did try and stop this. Michael tells her to enjoy this victory of hers and walks out.

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