Tracy treats Finn and Hayden to lunch at the Metro Court to celebrate saving GH. She quickly notices that things are cool between them and she tells them to get over themselves as they are ruining her moment. Finn excuses himself and says he needs to make a call to a doctor in California about a case he’s consulting on. Tracy asks Hayden what is going on between them. Hayden confides in Tracy about Finn’s addiction. She even tells Tracy that he used her jet to go to Canada to score more drugs. Tracy-Finn-Hayden-lunch-GH-ABC Tracy is furious, and Hayden tells her that she’s never known the real Finn because he’s always been high. Tracy worries this will kill him if he doesn’t get help. When Finn returns, Tracy confronts him about his addiction to Zen Zen. He claims it’s not that bad, but Tracy points out he could misdiagnose a patient in his condition, or accidentally hurt a one. Finn swears he’s going quit and they need to back off. Tracy and Hayden warn him they will make his life a living hell if he doesn’t quit immediately.

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Laura wakes up in her car and discovers she’s in the JFK parking garage. Kevin finds her, and she confesses she has no idea how she got there. The last thing she remembered is driving to the hospital and parking. She remembers the vote, but Kevin tells her that the hospital is fine. He wants to focus on her. Kevin checks on her condition and suspects she was drugged to keep her from voting. Laura asks how she found him. Kevin reminds her that she texted him “JFK.” She doesn’t remember it, but he is touched she thought to reach out to him in her need. They kiss.

Liz-talks-Jason-GH-ABC At GH, Robin arrives just in time to stop Jason from beating up Franco. Franco explains he was trying to stop Jason from storming into the room where the doctors are trying to help Sam and the baby. Jason fills Robin in on what has happened. She stunned to learn Olivia Jerome is alive, and decides it is best her mom not learn of this for now. Liz walks up with an update. The baby is okay, but Sam is hemorrhaging and is in the OR upstairs. Robin and Jason head there and Liz asks Franco if he can head home to look after the kids. Upstairs, Jason calls and leave a message for Alexis updating her on Sam and the baby. Liz returns to give them another update. Sam is still in the OR, but she’s critical and coded. Robin tries to explain to Jason that this happens more than he knows, and to trust the doctors. Jason knows she’s trying to help, but tells her she isn’t. Robin and Jason go in and see the baby, and he thinks about how lucky he is to have the family he does. He doesn’t know how he’ll be able to carry on without Sam. Liz approaches to get Jason and tells him Sam’s in the ICU and he should go to her immediately.

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Carly and Sonny are shocked when Nelle and Michael arrive together at Nelle’s place. Michael asks what is going on. Sonny confesses to his son that he had sex with Nelle after getting blackout drunk last thanksgiving. Sonny explains that it was a horrible mistake, but Nelle was scheming and plotting the whole time against them. Michael is stunned and tells Nelle to explain herself. Nelle admits to everything she did, but after talking to Michael at the cabin she decided not to go through with it. Carly lashes out at Sonny for allowing Nelle to hurt them all, and calls him an accomplice to her plot because he chose to keep quiet about having sex with her. Michael asks Nelle again for an explanation. Nelle tells Micheal that he gave her hope she could be happy, that they could be happy. She tried to stop what she put in motion. Carly doesn’t believe her sudden change of heart and wishes Joss didn’t have Nelle’s cold blood inside of her. Carly wonders how her parents messed her up so badly. Nelle tells Carly it’s not her parents fault she’s this way, it’s Carly’s.

Franco goes to Liz’s house and tells Jake that Sam and her dad had their baby. Jake realizes something is wrong, otherwise his dad would have called him. Franco explains that the baby is fine, but Sam is sick. Jake feels terrible because he was mean to Sam last year, and he worries about the curse that Helena put on Sam. Jake says Helena told him that bad things would always happen to Sam.

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Monica tells Alexis that Sam had complications during surgery and is in a coma.

Jason sits by Sam’s side.

Griffin runs into Olivia.

Anna asks Robin what she’s not telling her.

Nelle yells, “What goes around comes around, bitch!” Carly slaps her.

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