Liz announces excitedly that the strike is over when Franco wakes up in bed with her.

At the PCPD, Alexis interrupts Curtis and Jordan to ask for help. Curtis tells Jordan that he and Jason know Olivia Jerome is alive and Alexis confirms Liv’s acting as her AA sponsor. Jordan plots locating Liv by Alexis calling her sponsor under the guise of needing help.

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At Liv’s apartment, Julian’s surprised the GH board voted not to sell. Liv grabs her switchblade, ranting at him. She blames him for being a crappy brother, he couldn’t even succeed at killing her the first time. Counting his recent attempt, she teases with her knife, “Strike three, you are out.” He doesn’t think she wants to kill him, but she admits wanting to do so for decades. Julian plays along when she suggests it’s time to move in a different direction and eagerly offers to buy another hospital to turn into condos. Liv explains he doesn’t understand, it had to be GH, saying, “It’s not the building, it’s what lies beneath.” Before she can get to what she meant her phone rings. Alexis leaves a message and calls again. Julian talks her into answering since it’s the only way she’ll know if the police are on to her. Alexis claims to need her, she’s in front of a liquor store worried about Sam. Liv recommends she seek her higher power, and then hangs up to regroup. She’s certain it’s a lie, there was no traffic in the background. She’s ready for the ‘next level’.

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Jordan prepares to leave with an officer after they get Liv’s location. Curtis and Alexis decide to ignore her instructions to wait and tail her.

Jason worries when Sam doesn’t respond to his invitation to look at their baby girl. She passes out at the bottom of the ravine. He shakes her awake and holds them both close to him. Sam starts to argue with him about saving their baby first but he plans to stay with her. She becomes tired and Jason notices more bleeding. He talks her into holding Scout so he can carry them out of there. He gets them to the bridge and they exchange ‘I love you’s’ before Sam goes unconscious.

AT GH, Nelle’s about to tell Michael that she did something terrible when Monica comes over, thanking him for his help saving the hospital. Monica goes and Nelle decides to hear how Michael stepped up. She admits not being a good person like him and knows she has to leave. Michael wants specifics and Nelle claims she hasn’t been a good friend but know wants to take care of a friend in Atlanta. Nearby, Monica shares how Finn saved the hospital when Elizabeth and Franco arrive. Franco quips, “Wow, good things do come in dark, moody packages.” Elizabeth’s happy to get back to work, but Franco’s disappointed when Monica admits they can’t hire him back for financial reasons. Being a full-time artist isn’t a consideration for him anymore so he decides to be a janitor. Elizabeth is supportive. At the elevators, Michael decides he’s going with Nelle so they can spend more time together. She’s excited but worries when he plans to tell work before reserving the jet. She borrows his phone when Michael’s interrupted by Monica. Around the corner, she turns it off and puts it in her purse hoping for a few hours alone with Michael. When she joins him, she hurries him away offering to keep it in her purse. Suddenly, Sam is brought in with Jason explaining how he found her in labor. Franco tries to calm Jason but he shoves him away.

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Jordan and an officer find Liv’s apartment empty. Curtis and Alexis arrive as she’s looking at the handcuffs on the radiator.

Sonny tries to leave Nelle’s apartment saying it’s an invasion of privacy. Carly doesn’t care if they offend Nelle, she’s more offended Sonny had sex with Nelle. He admits it, explaining it just happened once. Carly doesn’t believe him, knowing about the flowers. She plays Nelle’s recording of Sonny asking her not to tell Carly. Sonny’s shocked and says, “That bitch set me up from the start.” He’s certain Nelle is playing them. He knows what place he was in when he thought he had sex with Nelle. He didn’t know what he was doing, but Nelle did. Carly questions if it’s her fault and if he thought of his family. He only remembers passing out, and then Nelle was there. He’s sorry for his mistake of covering it up and playing into Nelle’s hands. Carly listens as Sonny explains Nelle’s added shenanigans of hiding her bra – she believes him but is upset he kept it to himself for months to spare himself. Carly pulls away from his touch and goes to leave. Nelle and Michael show up as she opens the door.

On the next General Hospital:

Michael asks Carly and Sonny if something happened.

Elizabeth has an update on Sam for Jason.

Jake tells Franco he thinks that Sam and the baby aren’t okay.

Tracy asks Finn and Hayden if the thrill is already gone.

Laura screams when someone approaches her car as she wakes up.

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