Alexis sits down with Jason at the Metro Court bar. They try to figure out where Sam is. When he tries calling her, they discover that Sam’s phone is in her mother’s purse. They try to figure out this quandary. He shows her a photo of Liv and Alexis explains she’s her sponsor. Jason tells her who she really is. They worry she may have done something to Sam. After he swipes through the photos on the phone, he recognizes where one of them was taken and rushes off.

Sam lays unconscious at the bottom of the ravine. She wakes up and assumes the sirens she hears are coming for her. When they don’t, she tries sitting up. Her contractions start. Jason arrives on the bridge and calls for her. She’s too weak to call out.

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Nelle and Michael are at her place. She says she has something to finish and then she can start over. Nelle tells him about her married boyfriend. She’s had a change of mind and wants to focus on Michael now. Once he exits, she erases her audio files of Sonny.

Liv goes back to her place. She has Julian chained to the radiator and wearing a hood. Her plan to buy the hospital is going ahead. He’s more concerned about Sam. His sister explains what happened to her. Julian is outraged. Liv didn’t plan for things to turn out this way. She notices Alexis is calling his phone and tells her brother that what she’s doing to GH will be ‘epic’.

Sonny asks Carly to renew their vows

Carly and Sonny are in his bed. She’s going home to pack up and move back in with him. He thought she was gone for good. She assures him that’s not going to happen so he suggests they renew their vows. He wants Griffin to do the honors. She gets a text from her mom, asking to meet.

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Felicia and Bobbie meet at Kelly’s to discuss what to do about Nelle. Soon, Felicia leaves and Carly sits with her mother. Bobbie explains that they’ve investigated Nelle’s background and that the man she’s been seeing is Sonny. Carly is sure that they’ve got this wrong and strides off to prove it.

Finn begs Hayden not to leave him

Finn bursts in on Tracy and Hayden at the hospital. After sending Tracy off, he tells Hayden he’ll do anything to avoid losing her. She tells him to go. Meanwhile, Tracy runs into Monica in the hall. Neither of them have heard from Laura. After Michael arrives, they are forced to start the board meeting. When the vote commences, Tracy and Monica have to exit and run into Obrecht on the way. She explains that she’s been appointed an alternate board member in the case of a tie. Meanwhile, Sonny tracks down Griffin in the hall and asks him to officiate when he renews his vows to Carly. The doctor asks him if Carly has learned the truth about his infidelity. The mobster doesn’t know if he can rely on Nelle keeping quiet, but he’s determined to tell Carly what happened himself.

Nelle arrives in the office and starts looking through the mail, eager to get it before Carly can. The mail clerk explains that Bobbie picked up the mail. Panicking Nelle continues to search and is relieved when she eventually finds the package she sent.

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Finn meets with the rep from Biospin at the Metro Court and rails at him for jacking up the prices on pharmaceutics. He refuses to sell the formula to them. The rep shows him their offer. Finn still refuses so they up the offer. The doctor rips it up. The rep leaves his card and walks away.

Finn returns to the hospital with the rep’s card in his hand. In the board room, Obrecht is asked to cast the final vote. She doesn’t want the Quartermaines to have all the control and casts her lot with the real estate developer.

Carly goes into Nelle’s apartment after finding her key by the door. She notices that the laptop has a message reading “Sonny file deleted.” After looking in the trash, she finds a USB stick and opens the file.

Liv gets a text from her man on the board. She’s got the hospital. Julian asks her to let him go and find his daughter.

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