Curtis thinks Jordan is thinking the same thing he is thinking and they start making out in their hotel room. She stops as he tries to slide off her t-shirt and asks what they’re doing. Curtis is sure something has been going on since she slapped him in the interrogation room. Jordan won’t deny feeling something for him that day but she has her relationship with Andre to consider. He points out she feels something for him that she doesn’t feel for Andre. She tells him to get over himself and an argument ensues until he asks how she’s going to explain to herself what is happening to them. She asks him to leave until they meet Buzz and return to Port Charles. He’s annoyed when she adds that she’s going to call Andre now.

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Julian arrives at Alexis’ and asks how much she told Sam. Alexis is more interested in what happened to Franco, suspecting Julian made him disappear to help her. He doesn’t know. She’s not sure she can trust he’s telling the truth but promises not to be taken in by him ever again. Julian can’t prove that he’s always put her best interest first, but he insists has. He asks her not to drink while he gets ready to leave and advises she shouldn’t inquire with anyone about Franco and raise suspicion. She finds Elizabeth’s contact info on her phone after he leaves. Diane arrives for last minute prep and flashes a bottle of rare wine to toast her return to her noble profession when they are done. Alexis isn’t hopeful that she’ll practice law again but Diane gives her a pep talk before leaving. Alone, Alexis attempts to put the wine away but changes her mind and tries to opens it.

Sam approaches Liz at The Floating Rib, eager to find Franco. Liz realizes Sam talked to Alexis and wants to know what she said. Sam’s not ready to dismiss that Franco could have killed Tom Baker and asks her own questions. Elizabeth knows Sam’s looking out for Alexis’ best interest but still wants her help. She’s sorry Franco hurt Sam but they need to look for the truth.

Waitresses rush to Jason’s aide after he collapses at the Metro Court. Tracy sees the commotion while leaving the elevator and rushes over calling his name. He’s burning up but tries to say he’s okay and asks Tracy not to call Sam.

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At GH, Kiki asks Dillon for his help in finding Franco. She hands him Franco’s wet phone that’s covered in blood. He has a dehumidifier for hi-tech equipment and they take off to get it. In emergency, Monica injects Jason with something to control his fever and questions what brought his illness on so quick. Tracy relays that he only had coffee. Alone in his room Jason’s startled to see Julian sitting with him and asks, “Hi Julian, you here to see the results of your work?” Julian admits drugging him and shares how Rudge was responsible for the hit on him. He warns Jason to give up his search to protect Sam and advises they are on the same side. He knows Jason will do the right thing.

Franco reads his note aloud about being locked in a storage container and asking someone to contact Nurse Webber. He signs it and slides it under the door before collapsing in his bubble-wrap blanket. He forces himself to get up and move around to stay warm. Hungrily, he searches the boxes for food but can only come up with someone’s trophy memorabilia. Franco bashes one on the door but it breaks. Frustrated, he passes out. Meanwhile, Kiki and Dillon arrive at the storage facility and enter a storage space opposite from where Franco is. When they exit, Dillon thinks he hears something, but Kiki doesn’t. Dillon calls a friend and asks Kiki to write something down. She looks around for paper and finds Franco’s note on the floor. She jots down reboot instructions, not realizing what the paper is. They don’t notice Franco’s message and dry the phone. After, Kiki answers Elizabeth’s call and promises to meet her. Later, Franco worries some psycho will come back to kill him, so he searches again for something to help him out and finds a basketball trophy that’s familiar to him.

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Kiki and Dillon are surprised to see Sam with Elizabeth at The Floating Rib. Kiki wonders if Sam knows who the killer is. Sam’s just searching for the truth. They get the phone working and try to figure out his password. After trying ‘Kiki,’ and ‘Andy,’ for Warhol whom he really likes, Elizabeth realizes it is ‘Jake.’ Kiki goes to refer to the paper with Franco’s note on it but Dillon remembers the reboot instructions and they fall outside of Kiki’s bag. Once in, they realize he never got their messages. Franco’s in trouble.

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