Finn and Hayden roll around in his bed until she gets hungry. They’re out of crackers so he says they need to get out of bed. He promises her that this is just the beginning for them. She goes off for a shower and he prepares to shoot up. She returns and catches him, assuming he must still be sick. He explains that he was sick longer so it’s taking longer to be cured.

As Liz searches for Franco at The Floating Rib, she bumps into Brad. He explains that Franco has been gone all day and the cops have been looking for him. She calls Scott to fill him in. He asks her to the Roadhouse. Later, Hayden and Finn arrive and bump into Brad. The men talk grant proposals while she heads off to grab a pool table. Brad asks him why he’s lying to her about his drug use.

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At the Metro Court, Anna and Valentin face off. Andre drags Griffin away to leave them to speak. She recalls when they saw each other at the WSB years ago. Flashing back to his hunchback and twisted face, she says, “You looked different.” He claims he’s changed because of her. She insists that she didn’t care about what he looked like and they were friends. Tearing up, he says he decided to remake himself by selling his skills to people who didn’t just exploit and ignore him. That paid for his surgery and saved his life. Her rejection gave him more than friendship ever could. He walks off. In the ballroom, Dante corners Nina to discuss Charlotte and Lulu. She shuts that down fast. In the linen closet, Lulu and Charlotte talk about Claudette. Lulu assures her that lots of people love her and she has a brother she can play with whenever she wants. “You’re not my mommy!” Charlotte yells, storming out and slamming the door. Lulu is stuck and starts yelling for help. She looks up at the ceiling vent. Meanwhile, her detective husband tries calling her but notices she left her phone in her purse. When he looks in the linen closet, she’s gone. Around the corner, Charlotte runs over to Nina and relays what Lulu said. Nina tells her not to worry about it. Valentin joins them and Charlotte tells him Griffin says he killed her mom. Valentin says that’s a lie. Across the room, Griffin admits to Andre that Valentin murdered Claudette. The shrink thinks he’s projecting. Anna joins them as Dante asks if anyone has seen Lulu. They hear a noise in the vents. Lulu falls through the ceiling. She’s okay. As Dante takes her away, Charlotte tells her dad about her run-in with Lulu. He says it’s complicated and he will explain it when she’s older. They talk about how wonderful Nina is. Back across the room, Anna vaguely tells Andre and Griffin about rejecting Valentin. He thanked her for it but he’s sure he’s in Port Charles for revenge. After being cleaned up, Lulu tells Dante what happened with Charlotte. She feels bad for upsetting her and worries she’ll hate her forever.

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Maxie and Nathan get to their honeymoon suite. It’s full of gifts from him. She decides to wait to open them. They have sex and then discuss their rocky beginning. He has her favorite cookies for her. She unwraps gifts. First, she gets a purse and then a necklace. It’s a family heirloom. She gives him a baseball signed by Derek Jeter from the first Yankee game he ever went to. He’s impressed. This is the best night of her life. They kiss. He hands her the last present: a pair of handcuffs.

Scott arrives at the Roadhouse and flashes a picture of Alexis to the bartender. Soon, Liz shows up. She’s eager to call the cops but he puts the kibosh on that. He explains what the cops found and how bad his disappearance would look. He leaves to talk to the cops. She heads over to the bartender and quizzes him about the murder. After he tells her it happened in the alley, she goes to check it and finds Franco’s phone covered in blood.

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