Finn takes a blindfolded Hayden out to Perks. After whipping off her blindfold, he reveals that he’s going to teach her to skate on the rink. This leads to her falling many times and wanting a hot bath.

Finn brings Hayden back to her room. As she runs a bath, he reaches for a needle. She interrupts and he covers. Once she`s done her bath, they toast to Roxie and days they never thought they’d see. They eat and make out. That heats up and he lifts her into the bedroom.

Valentin runs into Lulu and Dante on his way out of the Metro Court. The cop informs him that Claudette is dead. It has been ruled a suicide. Valentin doesn’t seem surprised. Lulu accuses him of having no conscience. He says Claudette was her own worst enemy. Lulu suggests he make this easier for Charlotte by telling the little girl she still has a mother. The Cassadine refuses and exits. Dante tells his wife that Valentin was right about that. Meanwhile, Dillon is has lunch with Kiki and discusses Franco.

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Nathan and Maxie are at Crimson, discussing what to do about his sister. Maxie assures him she’ll wait as long as she has to to marry him. Nina enters and tells Maxie she left a to-do list on her desk. She heads into her office with Nathan and they giddily discuss the surprise wedding. He stops her to explain that Claudette is dead. The cop doesn’t think it was a suicide. They bicker about her husband but she makes him drop it so they can concentrate on the plan for Maxie. He is glad he can count on his big sister. Back outside, Maxie rambles to Dillon. She can’t handle dealing with the wedding issue and wants to take off. As she looks through the wedding dresses, she gets frazzled. Nathan heads out and Maxie starts telling Dillon that all the trappings of the wedding don’t matter. The only thing that counts is the vows you make. She worries she’ll never have the chance again. After she picks a dress, she hands it off to Nina, who is thrilled. At her desk, Maxie reads over the vows and gets upset. Dillon hurries off to Nina’s office to her that Maxie is losing it. When they return, Maxie is gone.

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Valentin is down at the rink. He and Nina talk on the phone. She tells him she’ll be there when he breaks the news to Charlotte but he thinks he needs to do it alone. He sits down with the little girl and tells her what happened. He asks if she wants to say a prayer. She says Nina can be her new mom.

Alexis at AA

Alexis is at an AA meeting at the hospital. She tells the members when she had her last drink. The last 24 hours have been hard. She doesn’t know how she lost control of her life. A man turned her into a victim and she lost herself. In tears, she tells them that she’s broken when it comes to men. At first, she was putting vodka in her coffee and now she can’t recognize herself. She explains how she almost killed her grandson and how she’s done something else she might not be able to live with. The leader tells her it was the drunk, not the sober, version of her who did those things and she should forgive herself. Alexis really needs a drink and wants a sponsor.Down the hall, Kiki and Liz discuss Franco disappearing and argue about him going to the police. Kiki explains that Franco knows who killed Tom but he refuses to hurt her. The nurse worries that he’s on the run. Liz spots Alexis walking out of her meeting and wonders if it could be her.

A bloody Franco wakes up in a warehouse and mumbles Liz’s name. He pieces together how he was knocked out and starts looking through the boxes in the room, discovering a lamp. He wraps himself in bubble wrap.

Nathan is at the Haunted Star. His sister calls to say that Maxie has picked her dress. They both want this to be perfect for her.

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