Nathan and Maxie arrive at a cabin in Canada, and hope they can pursue questioning Claudette’s mom again. They can’t wait to get married and Nathan’s eager to move into a house with her under one condition. Maxie’s stunned when he points out he wants a moose-head like the one in the cabin. She thinks they need pillows too and a pillow fight ensures. A knock at the door interrupts the fun. An officer there explains a suicide victim found drowned a month ago matched Claudette’s fingerprints. He leaves and Maxie worries, knowing that Nathan loved her. She agrees they should tell Claudette’s mom while Nathan worries about Charlotte.

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Kiki offers Franco leftovers when he returns home and asks what he’s looking at on his phone. It’s nothing and he wonders what she’s been up to. She points out the note saying goodbye. He’s disappointed she left a note for that but questions why she’s back. Kiki admits it’s because of Dillon and recounts their trip. Franco’s glad she’s doing better and is hesitant to burden her with his troubles. She’s interested, so he shares that Tom Baker’s dead. He knows who killed him but he can’t go to the police since he already hurt someone in this woman’s family. Kiki’s disheartened he won’t turn the woman in, believing it was likely self-defense. He makes her promise not to say anything. She won’t, but wonders if Elizabeth stopping by earlier would make a difference to him. He perks up with new motivation to stay out of prison.

Alexis paces her living-room, worried about her future. He thinks she’s afraid the only thing that can help her is a drink. Since Julian won’t stop talking she invites him to jog her memory. She remembers talking to Gene’s bartender and was surprised he covered for her. Julian begs her to think like a lawyer and walks her through what happened. She envisions Baker standing in front of her and says, “You’re dead.” Julian wonders who she’s talking to and the vision continues. Baker thinks Alexis would know since she’s the one who killed him. She doesn’t want to think about him, so he offers her a drink. She won’t take a drink and continues talking to Baker while Julian tells her she’s hallucinating. Suddenly she brings her fist up, seeing a bloody knife. She argues how it’s Julian’s fault, he hurt her. Franco’s knife turns into Helena’s dagger in Alexis’ hands. Julian holds her while she cries, begging for a drink before begging for help.


At the Roadhouse, Jason hands Sam the photo he found. Sam finds something familiar about the boy and suddenly realizes it might be Julian. Jason can’t figure out a reasonable connection and suggests seeing Sonny.

Sonny confronts Nelle when she rushes into his place. He thought she wasn’t going to say anything and wonders why she told Carly she was seeing a married man. Nelle acts flustered and apologetic, asking him what she should do. Sonny wants her to understand it is best that she doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t need her protection. Nelle’s sorry Carly leapt to a conclusion on her own but none of it is her fault. Sonny replies, “No, none of it ever is.” Jason and Sam arrive while Sonny stares thoughtfully at Nelle. She leaves and Jason explains recent events at the pawn shop. They’re getting closer to who planted the bomb and believe it’s a woman. Sonny doesn’t know who the boy in the photo is but thinks the woman is a smokescreen, hired by Julian. Sam leaves for bathroom. Alone, Jason wonders why things were tense before with Nelle. Sonny admits he’s sure Nelle isn’t as innocent as she appears.

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At the Metro Court, Valentin greets Charlotte and Nina, announcing he has a surprise. He explains to Charlotte how he and Nina married. Charlotte sits quietly considering it before bursting out how wonderful it is and runs into Nina’s arms. Nina’s sorry the only thing missing at the magical wedding was her. Valentin admits it wasn’t the only thing missing and presents a velvet box of wedding rings. They place the rings on each other’s fingers, and then Valentin swings Nina around into a kiss. After, Nina and Charlotte draw on a placemat while Valentin takes a call. The Canadian police offer on the call had done what Valentin wanted. Valentin thanks him and hangs up, ready to take Nina and Charlotte home. Meanwhile, Nelle enters while on the phone with Carly. She promises to take care of Sonny.

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