At the Metro Court, Carly daydreams about making love to Sonny when Bobbie snaps her out of it. Carly confesses to her mom that she and Sonny are trying to work things out. Later after Bobbie walks away, Nelle suggests Carly take some time off and go to Australia to pick Joss up in order to talk to her about the Sonny situation. Carly likes the idea, because Joss was not Sonny’s biggest fan when she left. She asks Nelle to book her a ticket. After Nelle makes the arrangements, Bobbie has words with her. Nelle feels all she has done is help Carly, but Bobbie believes Nelle is sticking her nose in places she doesn’t belong. Nelle calls Bobbie a hooker who has no right to judge her. Bobbie tells her she won’t be shamed by what she had to do to survive, and that Nelle just revealed she’s studied up on her family. She tells Nelle to watch her step as she knows she’s up to something. Bobbie storms off.

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Diane meets with Sonny at his place to prep for his upcoming trial. He isn’t worried and tells her Jason is on the case, but Diane reminds him they are up against a new DA who is hungry to bring him down. After she leaves, Carly drops by to let Sonny know about her plans to go get Joss. She tells him it was Nelle’s idea, which prompts him to blurt out that Nelle needs to get a life because she works too much. Carly reveals Nelle is seeing someone, and she thinks the guy may be married. Carly leaves to pack, and Sonny places a call to Nelle and demands she come over. When arrives, Sonny tells her that they need to come to a new understanding.

Jason and Curtis break into the backroom of Rudge’s pawn shop, but it’s been mostly cleaned out. In the boss’ desk, Jason finds and pockets a photo of a blond child that looks like Danny or Jake, while Curtis discovers a statue of a Chinese dragon with the “reincarnation” symbols on it. Suddenly the two are locked in and smoke pours in through the vents. The place is on fire. Jason covers the vent with his jacket while Curtis pops the lock with a credit card.

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Sam drops by Ava’s apartment to see Julian, but finds his bedroom empty of his personal items. She wonders where her father is staying. Ava tries to get Sam to leave, but Sam has questions for her and Julian. She fills her in on Rudge, and accuses Ava of being his boss and trying to take out both Julian and Sonny to get back in the business. Ava laughs in Sam’s face and then sees her out. She then calls her brother and leaves him a message to warn him whatever he’s involved in, it’s about to crash down around him.

At her place, Alexis freaks out as she confesses to Julian that she killed Tom Baker. Julian tries to keep her calm and asks her what happened. She recounts her memories to him of Tom holding a knife on her in the alley, and that she was able to get it away from him.


At Gene’s Roadhouse, Franco finds a photo of Alexis drinking with Tom Baker the night of his murder on social media, but Scott says it proves nothing. Franco decides to get answers to why Alexis has been coming to the bar. Later, Jason and Curtis arrive to grab some drinks as the TV reports on the fire tearing through the Asian Quarter. Curtis thinks they have enough to take to Jordan, but Jason refuses to involve the cops until they find out who Julian and Rudge are working for. Curtis is annoyed with Jason as the situation is getting dangerous. He leaves when Sam arrives. Jason asks Sam if she found anything at Ava’s. She didn’t, other than Julian has moved out. She does sense that Ava is hiding something.

Franco goes to Alexis’ place, where Alexis is telling Julian she doesn’t remember the full details of the night in question. She doesn’t remember stabbing him, which Julian points out means she may not have killed him. Franco knocks on the door and calls out to Alexis to open up. Julian hides, and Alexis lets Franco in. He confronts her with the photo of her and Tom Baker, and would like her to tell the police about her whereabouts that night. Alexis accuses him of photoshopping the picture, assures him she doesn’t know Tom, and throws him out. Alexis begins to panic again, and Julian tells she can get out of this, but she needs to be sober.

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