Laura drops by the hospital to see Liz and tells her about taking her kids skating. Kevin sprained his ankle. She mentions that the kids couldn’t stop talking about Franco and says that the boys seem to think that Franco is in their future but she doesn’t get that impression from Liz. Laura tells her everyone deserves a second chance. Liz explains what happened to Tom. She believes that Franco is innocent but what he did was still ‘troubling’. Although she can live with that, Franco has been pulling away. Laura tells her only she can decide if the good outweighs the bad.

Dillon and Kiki return to Port Charles and complain about their horrible trip. She avoids kissing him. He wonders if things have changed between them. She explains that she’ll always feel guilty for what happened to Morgan, but she’s determined to do something useful, like help people with mental health issues. She goes off to shower while he orders food. Later, he has his turn in the shower. When he walks around in a towel, that leads to awkwardness. He gets dressed as their food arrives. They feed each other and make out. They’re interrupted when Liz shows up looking for Franco. She asks Kiki not to let her know that she was there. Once she’s gone, Dillon tells Kiki that he doesn’t want to rush her.

Franco and Scott go to the Roadhouse and go over the evidence against him. They’re waiting to see if the cops get his prints on the murder weapon. Scott needs an alibi from him. His son explains he was locked in a dog crate. “Elizabeth Webber? You…” Scott starts but Franco cuts him off and explains it was nothing kinky. Franco tells him what he did to Baker and his father points out that even his alibi could land him in prison. Running over his dead end investigation, Franco explains that he did run into Alexis at the bar and she was acting strange. Scott explains they need to find out who Tom was drinking with before he died. Scott gets a call from the cops. There are no prints on the knife. Franco urges him to search social media for images of the Roadhouse. As they search, they find a selfie and zoom in to see Alexis with Tom in the background.

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At the soup kitchen, Curtis and Jason question Buzz about Rudge. He explains that Rudge’s boss is a woman and she ordered his death. They go over what happened again as Sam listens nearby. Buzz explains that he’s been hiding out in the catacombs where he discovered that Rudge and his boss have a secret office down there. They give him cash to get to Baltimore. Once he’s gone, Sam tells them what she’s learned. She doesn’t think her father is responsible for the bomb and he’s really scared. Jason and Curtis are determined to go into the pawnshop and down to the catacombs.

In an underground hideout, Rudge informs his boss that he hasn’t been able to locate Buzz. Rudge promises to find him, but when he mentions that Jason has been asking questions, she pours hot tea on his hand. Meanwhile, Jason and Curtis start to search the corridors.

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Julian shows up at Alexis’. She’s freaking out because she can’t find any booze. He’s taken it all away to stop her from killing herself. She kicks bottles around and he lectures her about how she could kill someone. She flashes back to Tom Baker trying to make out with her in an alley and gasps. He begs her to go 12 hours without a drink. She calls a cab. He knows that he’s ruined her life so he feels like he has to save it. When she flashes back to Tom again, she heads for the door and Julian threatens to call her kids. Alexis cancels the cab. He continues to push her to stop drinking. He’s brought food and DVDs. When he offers her a knife, she flashes back to wrestling the blade from Tom and then goes for her phone to get a liquor delivery. After she hangs up, she confesses to Julian that she killed a guy.

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