At GH, Andre prepares Anna for hypnotherapy in his office. She gives him Valentin’s WSB photo hoping to learn about that moment from her past. Once relaxed she recounts her walk down the hall to see who is whistling behind the door. Suddenly she sits up saying, “I can’t.” Andre worries and doesn’t want to hypnotize her again but she’s set on it. They begin again and he slows the pace of events until she finally opens the door. Anna responds, “Oh.” She remembered dropping and breaking her watch. It stopped on 11:05 October 29th, her birthday. Near the nurses’ station, Franco’s distracted by Elizabeth and knocks over a supply cart. Elizabeth assures him he doesn’t need to avoid her but he thinks he does. Suddenly, Tom’s brother interrupts them angrily, wondering why Franco isn’t locked up. Obrecht overhears the altercation and dismisses Elizabeth. The brother leaves upset, and then Obrecht questions Franco, who confesses doing more than stalking Tom. He doesn’t want to make her an accessory but clarifies he didn’t commit murder. Obrecht thinks his only option is to find out who killed Baker. Elsewhere, Hayden’s excited when Finn arrives with real food. She eats and is eager to hear about him being cured. Elizabeth arrives and notes that Finn’s lab results are as good as hers. Hayden’s happy he won’t need drugs causing Elizabeth to question Finn’s use of addictive drugs. He assures everyone he’s fine. After, he leaves Hayden and collapses in pain. He finds a closet to inject his medicine. Meanwhile, Elizabeth asks Obrecht if Franco will stop doing crazy things. Obrecht asks, “What do you think?”

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At the Metro Court, Valentin talks to Charlotte on the phone as Nina wakes up beside him. He promises he has a surprise when he gets home. After, Nina worries that Charlotte will resent her and wonders what will happen when Claudette comes back. Valentin responds, “She won’t.” Nina tries to let it go but asks him after they’re dressed how he can be so sure. Valentin reminds her Claudette isn’t Charlotte’s mom, and then jokes about their first crisis after 24-hrs of marriage. They take a selfie together, and Nina hopes it makes up for the photo he lost. He assures her the other photo is in his memory. Downstairs at the bar, Alexis looks hesitantly at the morning cocktail Diane ordered for her and pushes it away to read the daily news on the tablet. Headlines of Tom Baker’s death after being released on parole drudges up her memory of encountering him a second time at the Roadhouse. She remembers him finding her at the bar and saying, “We meet again.” Diane asks if she’s okay. Alexis isn’t but will feel better once she gets her law license back. Diane’s certain that 2017 will be a better year. Alexis takes a drink while looking at Baker’s image. She can’t focus on her prep and confesses being with Baker the night of his death. Diane wants details but Alexis can’t remember. Diane worries about why she can’t remember and Alexis admits drinking despite telling Sam she wouldn’t. Diane doesn’t grasp what’s going on but advises Alexis not to give the bar any reason to not reinstate her.

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At Crimson, Nathan doesn’t think Maxie should be working with the flu. She doesn’t know what else to do. Nate promises his divorce will happen one way or another. They look online for ways to divorce a missing person. Nina interrupts and demands that Nathan take Maxie home to recover. They’re surprised when a floral arrangement arrives addressed to the “beautiful bride.” Maxie thanks Nathan who denies sending them. Nina admits they’re for her and knows when they hear what happened they’ll be supportive. As she shares her wedding story, Nathan shakes his head no, preparing to call Diane for her to get out of it. Nina admits asking Valentin to marry her. Maxie leaves to call Lulu while Nathan argues with Nina about being had as she was with Ric Lansing. Nina fights back, it doesn’t matter if it’s not about love, she’s sure it’s the smartest thing she’s done. She escorts Nathan out of her office, grabs her flowers, and leaves them alone. Nathan explains to Maxie he’ll handle it in a few days but decides he’ll handle his divorce first, before Nina’s. Alone in her office, Nina throws away her baby name book and tries to figure out her dreams of motherhood.

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Back in the honeymoon suite, Valentin finishes dressing, grabs his gun, and deletes Claudette from his contacts saying to himself, “Don’t worry Nina, Claudette will not be a problem.”

Franco arrives at the Roadhouse and shows the bartender a picture of Tom. As Franco asks who Tom talked to on the night of his death, Alexis enters and overhears him.

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