At Wyndemere, Valentin apologizes to Nina for overreacting about losing an old photograph from his past. She points out that he’s doing the mysterious thing again and questions where his trust is. He admits he is making an exception to trust her and explains there was someone he once trusted but she hurt him. Nina has to leave to plan her brother’s wedding.

Laura meets Anna at the Metro Court and tells her Valentin needs to be neutralized. Anna questions, “By any means necessary?” Laura’s worried about what Lulu might do if the court rules against her. She admits that she’ll kill him herself if that happens. Anna’s hopeful she will find something before it comes to that. Laura leaves to meet Lulu as Andre stops to see Anna. She shows him the photo of herself found in Valentin’s possession. Andre thinks he could have gotten the photo from someone else who knew her. Anna doesn’t buy it believing Valentin’s interest is very personal. She explains the tune she’s heard Charlotte humming from her past and asks Andre to hypnotize her. Nearby, Laura disappoints Lulu with the possibility that a court could award Valentin custody. Lulu wants to hear it from the lawyer herself but Laura was interested in discussing strategy with Lulu first. She advises Lulu to strike a deal with Valentin to share custody. Lulu argues but Laura’s sure time is the only way to fight, by pulling the rug from under him to win Charlotte later. Lulu questions why Laura backs off when she disagrees and Laura reminds her, she has her back.

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Curtis arrives late to Kelly’s where Jason is filling Sam in on Winston Rudge. He tells Sam they are no longer convinced that Julian is behind the bombing, believing the van was a deliberate plant to set up Julian. Curtis leaves and Jason shares the logical conclusion that it’s a mutual enemy of Sonny and Julian who would benefit from one killed by the other, and then going to jail. Sam offers to do a background check to confirm if there is a Chinese connection. Lucas interrupts as Jason receives a call from Curtis. He’s following Rudge and alerts Jason that the shop is unattended. Jason leaves and Sam interrogates Lucas over when he and Brad are going to have kids. Family makes him think of Julian and he can’t trust his kids will be safe. Lucas sees her photo of the Good Eats Chinese bag and points out the Chinese characters do not equate to good eats – it has something to do with reincarnation.

In the boss’ office, Rudge announces that Julian is convalescing at Alexis’ and it’s possible they’ve resumed relations. It’s a problem and Julian needs to be kept in line, perhaps reminded that there are consequences.

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At home, Alexis wakes up to Julian romantically touching her, saying, “Much better than a hangover, right?” She realizes it’s a dream and pours herself a drink while listening to Julian yell downstairs that it’s time to get up. She joins him downstairs and argues with him about his assessment of her hitting the bottle. She wonders if there is anyone he has to answer to. He’s worried about her drinking. She tells him to stop acting like he cares and he reminds her of their kiss. She doesn’t know what he wants her to understand. The doorbell rings, it’s Rudge. Nearby, Curtis puts down his binoculars and says, “Damn…that’s just weird.” He’s interrupted by a call on his scanner about an armed and dangerous intruder at the pawn shop. He dials Jason. Inside, Alexis leaves Rudge with Julian. Rudge doesn’t think Julian keeping secrets looks good and shows him footage of Alexis running him over. Alexis overhears Julian warn Rudge not to hurt her in anyway. She comes down after he leaves and asks if he’s conducting mob business in her house. He’s not in that business anymore and jokes she sounds worried about him. She replies, “Don’t flatter yourself.”

Jason searches the pawn shop and checks out the Chinese ship while the boss watches via video. He’s surprised when Curtis calls, but it’s too late, he can hear the police sirens. When the cops arrive, Rudge is the only one there, claiming nothing was taken. He retreats to the boss’ office and explains the boat is gone. He advises Julian’s been put in his place but believes it’s time to do something with Jason Morgan.

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Jason and Curtis return to Kelly’s, surprising Sam. Jason puts down the boat and Sam notices the Chinese characters match the ones on the bag and points out it means reincarnation. Jason wonders where Rudge went and Curtis exclaims to Sam, “With your mama.”

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