Jason brings some tea to Sam outside of Kelly’s. He admits he doesn’t trust Curtis but has no one else to work with. Alexis is inside, ignoring messages from Julian as she recalls running him over. She sneaks some vodka into her coffee as Anna shows up. She tells Alexis that she’s working with the WSB and can influence the bar association to reinstate her. Alexis assumes there is a catch. Anna tells her all about Charlotte. She wants some dirt on Valentin. Alexis hates him but has other problems right now. However, she tells her what she knows, which isn’t much more than the school he went to. Alexis asks her not to bother greasing the wheels to get her reinstated. When Alexis stumbles out, she runs into Sam and Jason, who tell her of Julian’s accident.

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Nelle is at the office listening to the recordings she made of herself with Sonny until Michael interrupts. He needs help shopping for his mom’s gift. After some brainstorming in that, he asks her to the Toys for Tots benefit.

Laura and Kevin wake up in his bed. She loves being with him. After some romping, they make breakfast plans. She reminds him he’s supposed to be at the hospital. After checking his phone, he leaps out of bed.

Curtis waits outside of the door of Julian’s hospital room and listens to him discussing his accident with his sister. Jules says the cops will never track down the person who ran him over. She rants about police incompetence and suggests he make a move on Sonny while he’s vulnerable. He refuses and advises her not to look for trouble. After Ava takes off, Curtis enters and offers to find out who is after Julian before his luck runs out. Jerome doesn’t want his help and warns that he’ll regret it if he keeps investigating. Meanwhile, Dante and Lulu show up. They make out in the halls and look for her mom. They spot Nina down the hall, ushering a bunch of families off to free milk and cookies. Valentin arrives with gift donations. She complains about Santa being late. He offers her a hot toddy. She tries to avoid him and explains that she got a warning about him from Anna. Nina decides to trust him over Devane, but she thinks he’s far from innocent. After she tells him what a great father he is, he starts whispering in her ear.

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Carly wakes Sonny up as he sleeps on his couch. She says they have a lot to work on together. As he kisses her, she turns into Nelle. He snaps out of it and wakes up. Carly is sitting beside him and thinks he was having a nightmare. She fills him in on Julian being run over. Sonny wishes they’d finished him off. He assumes she thinks he was behind it. She insists she doesn’t. He tells her to believe that he can change. Carly does and says they shouldn’t have secrets. The mobster thinks of Nelle and tries deflecting. His wife prods. Ava arrives but doesn’t seem keen to see Carly there. They debate custody of Avery. She thinks there’s no reason he shouldn’t spare the kid chaos when he’s doomed for jail. “Me. I’m the reason,” Carly pipes up.

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