Nathan plans a romantic evening for himself and Maxie at their place, which is spoiled when Claudette arrives with Charlotte. Claudette offers to let them watch Charlotte for a few hours while she attends some business meetings. Nathan agrees, so Claudette takes off. Later, Maxie gets a special delivery, the DNA test results she had run. She lies to Nathan about the envelope that arrives and claims it is an estimate from the florist for the wedding. However, Nathan gets a look at it and is furious at what Maxie’s done behind his back. They argue, and he crumples the envelope up and throws it across the room. She won’t let it go, opens it up, and it indicates Nathan is not Charlotte’s father.

Anna and Griffin workout at Sonny’s gym. Anna blames herself in part for Morgan’s death because she didn’t do enough to keep Julian off the street. Griffin assures her that she’s not to blame. Anna gets a phone call from Robert, and tells Griffin that she’ll see him tomorrow. Griffin takes his shirt off and let’s his frustrations out on the punching bag. Claudette arrives later and flirts with him. She tells him that she’s planning to leave Charlotte with Nathan and Maxie, as they will be better parents than she could ever be, and she will be safe with Nathan. Claudette admits she’s never been a good person except for when she’s with him, and she wants them to be together. The two kiss.

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At Metro Court, Tracy talks with Finn about GH when Hayden arrives, so Finn asks Tracy for a moment with Hayden. Finn, who is having coughing fits, informs her that his latest tests on himself were a bust. Hayden is upset with him for experimenting on himself and says he will end up killing himself. Finn reminds her that he’s dying and this is the only shot he has. Hayden’s very rich date Evan shows up, so she leaves to join him for dinner. Elsewhere in the restaurant, Franco tells Liz that he has an idea how to re-open GH. He has to go deal with something, and they make plans to meet up at Kelly’s later. Over at her table, Hayden learns her date Evan manages his family’s research grant division. This piques her interest, and she plays up her friend’s research and asks if Evan could get him a grant. Evan can, and hints at to how she can thank him. She’s disgusted and throws her drink in his face. Back at Finn and Tracy’s table, Finn begins to violently cough. Hayden sees this as she is walking out on her date. She returns to Evan and agrees to play ball with him, and suggests they go someplace private.

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Liz runs into Laura outside of Kelly’s and they chitchat. Laura is glad to run into her as she wanted her to know that she’s decided to sell Wyndemere. Liz is okay with her decision. Inside, runs into Andre at the bar. She tells him that Robert just called her and offered her a job at the WSB training new agents. The job would require her to move to Switzerland, and she hasn’t decided what to do. Andre helps her realize she is very resourceful and can come up with another option. She calls Robert up and wants to rejoin the WSB, but not as an instructor.


Franco visits his mother at the asylum to discuss the attacks on Bobbie and Lucas, which is keeping the hospital closed. He remembers that she said she had done something to help him when the suspicion was on him. Heather admits she used one of her outings to attack them in order to give him an alibi, as she knew he’d be at the Nurses’ Ball. Franco asks her to confess, but she refuses because she will lose her privileges and her excursions, and she won’t do anything to help Elizabeth. Franco tells his mom that she leaves him no choice then and walks out.

Franco heads to Kelly’s and happens to overhear Laura and Liz talking about him outside the place. Liz sees the good in Franco and wishes others could see him as she does. Laura asks if she’s fallen in love with Franco. Laura gets a text before Liz answers and has to head off. Franco approaches Liz and says he thinks he has what he needs to re-open GH, and shows her a recording on his phone.

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