Kate and Liz have arrived in the witness holding room to wait for their turn to testify. Kate is in business mode and plans on working on the next issue of her magazine until she is called to the stand. Much to her surprise, Sonny shows up because he's been called as a witness as well.

Carly shows up in the courtroom, again, and begs Diane to let her testify. "Things are bad enough for Jason without you making them worse!" Diane says. Carly plants herself in a seat and declares that she's not leaving. Jason tells her that if Ric gets her on the stand he'll remind the jury of every lie she has ever told. He reminds her that she has shot Tony Jones, had a nervous breakdown, and even covered for Sonny by marrying him so that she wouldn't have to testify against him. Tears roll down her checks as she realizes that he's right. For once in her life, Carly listens to logic and leaves.

Finally alone in his room, Jerry quickly lifts his shirt to see how badly he has been hurt by the vase that he smashed. He quickly dresses the superficial wound and hides the bandage wrappers in time to open the door to see Nikolas. He has come to tell Jerry that his accounts are now closed and his ties with Cassidine Industries have been severed. Jerry asks Nikolas why he's willing to make a stand at this point, and then asks if Emily knows what foolishness he has done. He tells Nikolas that his sweet Emily will come to him for more when she finds out. Nikolas isn't up for the taunting, so he grabs Jerry (right on the wound!) and forces him down to the couch. After much groaning, Jerry is able to free himself from Nikolas's grasp and ends up with the upper hand -- in the form of a gun pointed to Nikolas's head. He fires a warning shot at the door just as Carly walks in! She asks them what the heck is going on here? Nikolas says that she was almost killed, again, by Jerry. Carly tells Nikolas to leave or else she'll tell the cops that Jerry was just cleaning his gun. "What has he got on you?" Nikolas asks on his way out the door.

On the ship where Jax is being held captive, he is shown to a room with Irina. She tells him that their time together can pass quickly, depending on how they spend it. Jax says that if she lets him go, he'll help her disappear with a fund large enough to help the needy if that's what she's so driven by. Tears well up in Irina's eyes as she tells Jax that would be wonderful; however she has other plans for him. As she prepares to give him a shave and a sponge bath, Irina tells him that he is even more handsome than his brother and that he really livens things up around here.

Lulu and Spinelli are at Kelly's talking about Jason's hearing. Maxi comes in and Lulu teases her that Coop has already left for work. They argue over why Lulu should be in Coop's business, and Spinelli defends Lulu, of course. That's when Sam comes in for some coffee and immediately puts her two cents wroth in. She tells Spinelli that he doesn't know what kind of crap Lulu is pulling with Maxi. Then, she tells Spinelli that Lulu is wasting his time and will never love him. Sam takes her coffee and leaves and Maxi is quite satisfied as she leaves as well. Spinelli tries to make excuses for Sam's behavior and asks Lulu if what she said is wrong. Lulu decides to take the opportunity to clear the air between them. She tells him that he is one of the best friends that she's ever had and that she wants to be honest with him. Spinelli wouldn't have it any other way, so Lulu digs in. "I don't see myself ever falling in love with you…so if that's what you're hoping for, then I'm not being fair to you." Spinelli takes a moment to absorb what he's heard and then tells her that he respects her choice because she doesn't believe in love. It's not like The Blonde One has given herself to anyone else, he says. Lulu asks if she did, would she lose him? She clarifies that she wouldn't want to lose his friendship if circumstances brought her someone to love. Spinelli says that when she does find someone, he wishes her all the happiness in the world. Lulu gives him a big hug and says that her hypothetical guy could never take his place.

Lucky brings breakfast into the witness room for Liz, so she steps outside with him and Sonny and Kate are left alone as they await their turn. Kate tells Sonny that she can tell that he's furious because he's "superficially calm". Sonny admits it because he can't see a way to help Jason at this point.

As Liz and Lucky sit together over a bagged breakfast, he tells her that he took the day off for moral support. Then he assures Liz that all Ric wants to do is establish that Jason got a phone call while visiting her in the hospital.
Liz goes back into the witness room and soon Amelia arrives - much to the surprise of everyone. She asks Sonny why Ric hates Jason so much. Sonny says that he knows that Jason is more of a brother than he'll ever be. He adds another reason is that Jason always gets to be the hero to Ric's ex-wife, too. Then, he's escorted out of the room.

The first thing that Diane points out after Sonny takes his oath is that the witness and the DA are half brothers with an awful relationship. Duly noted, the Judge says. Ric begins by asking if Sonny was an enemy of the late Lorenzo Alcazar. "Didn't you once shoot Mr. Alcazar in the head?" Ric spits out and then is forced to strike the comment from the record. Ric finally gets down to business and asks if Sonny called Jason on the morning that Alcazar disappeared. Sonny can't remember, so Ric puts it in simpler terms "Did you order Jason to kill Lorenzo Alcazar?" Sonny denies it and then is allowed to take his seat. Next up? Kate Howard. She clarifies that her country home borders Mr. Corinthos' home. Ric asks how friendly her relationship is and is able to establish that Sonny was on her terrace the day that Alcazar disappeared. Kate turns out to be quite the spitfire of a witness because she cleverly answers his questions why pointing out how pointed they are in the first place. The end result is that Ric is flustered, Sonny and Jason are impressed, and the Kate has made 12 new friends on the jury with comments like "…had I heard the order to commit murder I would have certainly called the police."

Maxi shows up at Sam's new apartment courtesy of the Metro Court boutique address file. Sam asks her how she would like to help her ruin Liz's life. They spew some venom about Liz and then Maxi asks Sam if she hates Jason. Sam says that she's angry with him and wishes he were hurting like she is, but she doesn't hate him. She quickly gets back to the subject of Liz and says "I'm going to make sure that chick pays and winds up alone." Maxi couldn't agree more.

Logan walks into Kelly's and finds Lulu and Spinelli wrapped up in a big hug. He says that he really needs to speak with Lulu. Spinelli gives them their space, and Logan tells Lulu that he doesn't want what he did in the war to ruin his chance with her. Lulu corrects him, "You don't have a chance with me." Logan tells her that he's not going to give up and she promises complete conviction when she tells him that she has zero interest in being with him.

Shelving the Nikolas subject for the moment, Jerry asks Carly what she knew about Lorenzo's business. She says that she knew nothing, but she can get someone who did. Not long after, Spinelli arrives at Jerry's door and says that he is honored to help her clear Jason's name. As soon as he realizes that Carly has involved Jerry, he says that it would be better if he and Carly "clasp hands and flee." Jerry speaks up and says that the three of them are going to Venezuela.

Back at the courthouse Liz is escorted out of the holding room, leaving Amelia alone momentarily. A big guy comes in and Amelia introduces herself and asks why he's there. He says that he saw Jason Morgan carry Lorenzo Alcazar's body out to his car.

"Are you better in bed than your brother?" Irina asks Jax after she has shaved him. She throws her mouth up against his and he doesn't seem to fight it.

Ric begins his interrogation of Liz almost tenderly. He asks what she heard Jason say on his cell phone when was visiting her hospital room on the night in question. She reports that Jason said he would be on his way. Liz says that it was likely a business call for his coffee importing business. Ric asks Liz how many times Jason Morgan has saved her life. He asks how often Jason stops by her home, is it every week, is it ever at night? Ric continues to pound away with this line of questioning and asks how close her friendship is with Jason. Lucky is paying very close attention as he watches Liz struggle for words. "Close, but I have several close friends," Liz is starting to cry as she does her best to be straightforward. Then Ric goes after her jugular. "Mrs. Spencer, have you ever visited Mr. Morgan at his penthouse?" Liz says that she has. "Did you spend the night Mrs. Spencer?" Yes, she meekly says. Ric asks, "Have you ever had sex with Jason Morgan?"


Ric reminds Liz that she's under oath.

Jerry asks Carly if she's as loyal to Jax as she is to Jason.

Jax and Irina get closer and closer.

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