Liz tells Kate that Ric is showing the jury the tape of Jason shooting at the gunmen to make him look like a professional killer. Carly walks in, surprised to see the two women. She stuns them, saying she is going to be a witness. Liz wonders who called her and Carly tells them she volunteered for the duty. Liz and Kate can't believe her and simply listen to her talk about Jason needing her. The guard comes in demanding to see a copy of Carly's subpoena. Carly goes through her purse but doesn't come up with a subpoena. The guard tells her to leave. Another guard comes in, letting them know that testimony has been stopped for the day. Everyone leaves but Liz stays behind, watching the images of Jason on the closed-circuit television screen. The guard returns and tells Liz she can leave. She stays and sees Lulu walking by. They chat for a second and Lulu tells her she needs Lucky to pull a record for Logan. She tells Liz that everyone is warning her away from Logan and she wants to know why. Liz asks Lulu how she can testify against Jason. "It's not like everything is going to come out in court," Lulu says, making Liz wonder how much she knows. Lulu covers, telling Liz that Ric only wants to ask her about the phone call.

In the courtroom, Ric asks for permission to play the tape in slow motion. Diane objects, reminding them that Jason was simply protecting himself from the gunmen. "My client was in police custody. Handcuffed and shackled," Diane reminds the judge. He backs up Ric and allows the tape to be played in slow-mo. When he stops the tape, Ric tells the jury that an image of Jason with a gun was the last thing Lorenzo Alcazar saw! The judge orders the statement stricken from the record. Ric calls Liz to the stand. The judge calls a recess for the day. Diane tells Jason that they are in a lot of trouble now that the jury has seen the tape. "We need all the help we can get," she says. Diane leaves. In the hall, she tells Carly that they are in huge trouble. Carly offers to testify on his behalf, so that she can be inside with Jason! Diane refuses but Carly won't give up. "He needs someone who loves him and believes in him," Carly says.

In the hall, Ric tries to explain to Lucky why he needs Liz's testimony. He says he needs to establish a chain of events so that Jason is put away - for good this time. Lucky buys his explanation. Later, Lucky finds Liz in the waiting room. He tells her about his talk with Ric, telling Liz that she only has to be honest about what she knows. Worried, Liz tells him she doesn't know anything.

Spinelli meets with Lucky. He tells him that Jason didn't kill Alcazar. Lucky asks for an alibi for Jason or proof that he didn't kill Alcazar. When Spinelli can't, Lucky turns to leave. Spinelli stops him, telling Lucky that everyone has turned on Jason. "Why won't you help the guy that gave you your son?" Spinelli asks! Lucky misunderstands, believing that Spinelli only means bringing Jake home after he was kidnapped. When Lucky still won't give in, Spinelli offers himself as a suspect because Alcazar tried to kill him. A guard brings Jason in. Lucky leaves them alone. Spinelli tells Jason they need to tell Lucky the truth about Jake so he can be set free! Jason shuts down Spinelli, telling him that he will never claim Jake. Believing Jason is giving up, Spinelli encourages him to fight, telling him that Jake is lucky and will be proud to have Jason as a father. Ric comes in and tells Spinelli to leave. He leaves. In the outer office, Spinelli listens as Ric tells him that Liz's testimony will be very bad for him! A guard makes Spinelli leave. Ric closes the door. He pulls out some papers, offering Jason a deal - 20 years behind bars and he won't call Elizabeth to the witness stand the next day! "I will have to ask Elizabeth, under oath, if Jacob Martin Spencer is really your son," Ric says.

Logan warns Maxie that Lulu and Coop were looking awfully comfortable together. He wonders if there is more going on than simple healthcare! Lulu is trying to nurse Coop after his fight with Logan. She pulls his shirt off as Maxie arrives and tells Lulu to get away! Lulu leaves. Downstairs she confronts Logan about what he told Maxie. "Do you want me to hate you?" Lulu asks. Coop and Maxie return downstairs as Logan tells Lulu that Coop has feelings for her. Lulu turns to him, demanding that he tell Logan the truth - that they are just friends! Coop and Logan go outside, neither giving an inch. Coop tells Logan, again, to stay away from Lulu but Logan refuses. He brings up Iraq, telling Logan that he can't trust himself. "If you care about her, tell her what happened over there," Coop says.

Maxie follows Coop to work, telling him to stay away from Lulu. She tells him how Lulu wraps guys around her fingers and says she is worried about him. This angers Coop, who wonders why Maxie doesn't trust him. "Sometimes I don't trust myself," she says.

Back at Kelly's, Spinelli rushes in and tells Lulu about Ric's threats toward Liz and Jason. Logan interrupts. She brushes him off but Logan won't back off. "What part of get lost don't you understand?" she asks. Hurt, Logan leaves. Lulu turns her attention back to Spinelli, wondering how they can keep Lucky from finding out the truth about Jake.

Jerry and a call girl are making love. He has a flashback to Irina. She asks him what's wrong. "Did I say you could talk?" Jerry asks and kisses her! He pays her afterward and she tells him she can be anyone he wants to be - even Irina! Jerry grabs her, tells her to get out and she runs off. Alone, Jerry calls for an update on Jax. Jerry goes downstairs and meets with a tough guy. Carly arrives, sees Jerry and wonders about the man he is meeting with. She asks the desk person but he doesn't know. "Where is my husband?" Carly demands from both men! Jerry tells Carly things are fine, trying to distract her but she won't be quiet. He pulls her away, telling her that she could wind up dead before Jax gets back. "You running your mouth won't bring him back any sooner," he says. Carly demands to know who the man is but Jerry won't tell her. He walks away. Jerry returns upstairs and gets a call. Angry when he learns that Jax has disappeared, Jerry smashes a vase. He orders the other person to find Jax and ensure he is still alive. Carly follows Jerry upstairs, trying to figure out why he is so upset. He blames the Jason situation and tells her Jax is fine.

Jax is manhandled into a holding room on the ship. He tells the guys that he can pay for his own ransom. A woman enters, telling Jax she may not want him for money! The woman calls him by name and Jax asks who she is. She keeps her identity a secret. Sitting down with him, she tells him she doesn't want money she simply wanted to spend some time with Jerry's little brother! She leaves for a while and Jax tries to figure out how to free himself. He doesn't get far. The woman returns; Jax asks how she knows Jerry. She doesn't tell him but does say that Jerry doesn't know where he is or why. This surprises Jax, who thought Jerry was behind everything. He offers her money to let him go but she turns him down. She lies back on the cot and asks Jax if he is better in bed than Jerry was! She approaches Jax, running her hands all over his body. Jax doesn't respond and tells the woman he is happily married. "How can such decent, caring man be related to a man like Jerry?" she asks. Jax wonders why she has a grudge against his brother. She kisses him rather than answer his questions. Running her hands over his face, she says, "I'm going to kill you - while Jerry watches!"

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Jerry asks Carly for help; Elizabeth takes the stand. Sam swears she'll wreck Liz's life. Jax learns exactly what his captor has in mind.