At the hospital, Finn asks Franco why he thinks Hayden wants Liz dead. Franco explains that Liz has evidence of her crimes and walks off. Finn asks Hayden what’s going on. She admits she’s in huge trouble and tells him the tale of the diamonds. This looks bad. She tells him about Liz conspiring with Nikolas to kill her. Down the hall, Griffin tells Franco that they still don’t know the extent of Liz’s injuries. The nurse is wheeled by them and the doctor encourages Franco to talk her awake. At the same moment, Paul stalks Monica around the locker room. When she turns around, he hides his syringe and gloved hands. She thanks him for working so hard and takes off. She bumps into Jordan down the hall and tells her about the earlier false alarm with a patient. The commissioner is looking for Liz and learns about the fall. Franco butts in to say that he found Hayden standing over Liz’s body. When Griffin enters the locker room, he spots the syringe Paul left behind in the trash. Later, Griffin runs into Monica and tells her what he found. He’s already sent it off to be checked. Down the hall, Jordan corner Finn and Hayden to question her about Liz’s fall. Finn gives her an alibi. After the cop leaves, Finn tells Hayden he doesn’t believe she’s guilty. Meanwhile, Franco sits in Liz’s room, talking to her until she wakes. He assures her the boys are fine. He doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her. Monica and Griffin drop in to check on her. After they leave, she starts to remember what happened. Franco explains that he found Hayden with her. She remembers Hayden slapping her when she threatened to go to the police. Jordan stands by the door listening. Back at the nurse’s station, Griffin tells Monica that the test on the syringe came back positive. “Who is this psychopath going to get next?” she wonders.

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Alexis goes to The Floating Rib. Julian puts a glass down beside her. She’s shocked. When he tells her how much he loves her, she flinches. This hallucination ends. Tracy is standing there as Alexis babbles. Quartermaine calls the cops to make sure Julian is still locked up and they discuss the stress Alexis is under. Tracy gives her a pep talk and then walks off to take a call. Julian returns to taunt Alexis some more about how they belong together. Tracy snaps her out of it again.

At Paul’s place, Ava freaks out when she finds his vials of poison and realizes that he’s the hospital killer. None of this makes any sense to her. Paul calls her after receiving the sex tape she sent him. She warns that she has more leverage and arranges a meeting.

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Paul meets Ava at Perks. She tauntingly explains how she’s pieced together that he’s the killer. He’s not impressed. She adds that she spent some time in his hotel room and discovered the poison. “A killing spree? Really?” she asks. Jerome asks for her brother’s freedom in return for keeping her mouth shut.

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