At the Floating Rib, Felicia stops Maxie from destroying a wedding scrapbook she made, but Maxie believes she has to do it as a symbolic act following Oprah’s advice to rid herself of Nathan. Felicia asks her daughter what it would take for her to believe that Nathan loves only her.

Down at Perk’s, Nina asks Nathan is he still has feelings for Claudette. He swears he loves Maxie, and Claudette only has a negative effect on him. Nina believes Maxie interpreted his anger as jealousy, and it made her feel insecure and inconsequential. Nina advises her brother to act fast before he loses Maxie.

Spotlight on: Franco and Liz’s forced relationship


In the halls of GH, Monica, Andre and Finn are shocked when the power goes out and the back-up generator doesn’t kick in. In the locker-room, Claudette surprises a wet Griffin, who is wearing only a towel. She’s snatched his clothes to force him to talk to her. Meanwhile, someone follows Liz into the stairwell and pushes her down the steps. Back in the halls, the emergency power kicks in, while in the stairwell Liz comes too with blurred vision and sees Hayden standing over her. Later Franco arrives and finds Liz on the ground with Hayden there. Liz passes out before saying anything, and Franco yells at Hayden to go for help. She runs up the stairs and right into Paul. Hayden continues on and finds Finn, while Paul coldly stares at Liz and Franco in the stairwell. Out by the nurses’ station, Andre informs Monica that the techs have discovered the power went off as the junction box was tampered with. Back in the locker-room, Griffin gets his clothes back and dresses as he argues with Claudette about their kiss and whether he loves her. Griffin can’t forget that she came here to get something from Nathan. She explains she got into trouble and wanted his help, but she doesn’t need Nathan now that he is here. Griffin asks her to come clean, but before she can explain, Andre interrupts as Griffin is needed to help with Liz. Down in the stairs, Paul calls in the police and then questions Franco as to what is going on. Franco says he found Hayden with Liz. Hayden returns with help, and Paul tells her that he has some questions for her. He grills Hayden, who explains she was taking the stairs because the power went out, and that is when she found Liz. Paul advises her not to leave the hospital and attends to police matters. Later by the nurses’ station, Finn questions Hayden as to what really happened as he saw her slap Liz earlier. Suddenly Liz is brought in on a stretcher. She asks how Liz is, but Franco tells her they both know she’d be better off if Liz died. Elsewhere, Paul approaches Monica from behind in an exam room with a syringe.

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At the PCPD, Ava realizes that Paul has a pair of cufflinks like the one in Jordan’s photo. She calls in a favor from Julian’s associate Holt for a passkey to a Metro Court room.

Nathan arrives at the Floating Rib to see Maxie, so Felicia excuses herself. He opens up to Maxie and admits he does have feelings for Claudette, but not the ones she thinks. He explains the anger and shame he feels about his marriage to Claudette, and that is what she saw when he blew up at Griffin. He swears he feels no love for Claudette and to prove this he tosses his old wedding ring to out the door and into the river. Maxie tells Nathan that she loves him and thinks they can make this work, as long as Claudette is really out of the picture.

Ava breaks into Paul’s room at the Metro Court, and she remembers some of their past interactions in his very room. She realizes she never knew Paul, and searches for the cufflinks. She fails to find them, but does find several vials of the drug used to kill the patients.

Felicia runs into Nina down by Perks and the two chitchat about Nathan and Maxie. Later they get simultaneous texts that Maxie and Nathan have worked things out. They are happy and hug, which Claudette sees as she walks by.

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