Laura wakes up in bed with Kevin at the Metro Court, and both have no regrets about the night before. Kevin later runs out to get them some coffee, and Laura accidently knocks over one of his folders. When Kevin returns, Laura confronts him with the folder. Kevin has a publishing deal and is working on a book about a woman with mental illness who is searching for her ex-husband. She accuses him of writing about her, which he admits to. He tells her that the original book he was writing wasn’t working, and her case renewed his creative juices. He swears he would have told her, and nobody has seen what he’s written. Laura feels betrayed, and wonders if last night was supposed to be the happy ending to his book. He promises last night was real, and he obviously isn’t publishing the book now. She doesn’t believe him, tells him goodbye, and walks out. Jason and Sam have breakfast down in the restaurant where they meet Sonny and Carly. Jason and Sam tell them that they are getting married, and Carly goes into planning mode. The couple wants it to be small and simple, so Carly suggests they have it at their house and won’t take no for an answer. Nelle arrives to see Carly to go over a few things about Avery, but when Carly tries to introduce her to Sam and Jason, she stops her and asks to talk in private. Carly leaves them to deal with Nelle, and Sam also runs off to take care of things. Once alone, Sonny questions Jason as to what he’s not telling him. Jason reveals he does have a question to ask Sonny, and asks him to be his best man.

Kristina finds Parker back on her old college campus to ask about her call, as she didn’t leave a message. Parker is clueless, and explains she must have pocket dialed her by accident. Parker is glad to see her apologizes for how she left. The two talk, and Parker reveals she’s getting back together with her wife. Kristina is furious and realizes Parker used her just like everyone said, and she never wants to see her. Parker tries to explain, but Kristina tells Parker to get the hell away from her.

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Alexis meets Jordan at her place, where Jordan shows her the cover of a tabloid story with the headline “Violence Runs In The Family.” The story has a photo of Alexis fighting with Kristina. Alexis says the photo is out of context, and explains what really happened. Jordan questions whether she planned this to discredit herself as a witness at Julian’s trial. Alexis can’t believe Jordan, and the two bicker. Jordan accuses Alexis of not being in her right mind lately, and she won’t let her screw up this case. Alexis tells Jordan to go to hell and walks out. Later, Andre drops by, and Jordan vents to him about her fears Julian may skate on the charges, which she can’t let happen.


Carly and Nelle head home, and Nelle explains to Carly that she stopped her from telling Jason and Sam about her as she doesn’t want to be known just as the donor. Carly agrees not to tell anyone. Later, Nelle gets a call from her supervisor who informs her that due to budget cuts she has been laid off. Nelle tells Carly she has to get back to Atlanta to start looking for a new job immediately.

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Back at the Metro Court, Jason and Sonny’s discussion about him being Jason’s best man is interrupted by a call from Max. Max tells Sonny about the tabloid story. Sonny tells Jason he would be honored to be his best man, and he tells his friend to always be true to himself. Sonny then rushes out.

Alexis returns home and Sam drops by for a visit. Sam tells her mom that she and Jason told Sonny and Carly about the wedding, but they didn’t tell them about the baby as she’s still not far enough along yet. Sam also is here because Molly suggested she check on her, and asks what is going on. Alexis doesn’t want to talk about her issues right now and focuses on Sam and the wedding. Sam asks her mom to stand up for her, and Alexis agrees. Later, Sam heads out, and Alexis begins drinking again. A furious Sonny shows up and demands to know what happened to land her and Kristina on the cover of a tabloid.

Sam meets Jason back at the Metro Court. They discuss how everything for the wedding is falling into place, except someone to marry them. Jason tells her that he already has that covered, but he won’t tell her any more.

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