Dante and Lulu christen their new house, and later discuss Olivia’s premonition that they are having a baby girl. Their happy moment is interrupted by a call from Dr. Lee with the news that their embryo isn’t viable as it was compromised. Lulu is devastated to think they’ll never have another baby, and Dante comforts her as she cries. Later, Lulu remembers the embryo that Stavros created, but Dante reminds her that Crichton-Clarke blew up and it couldn’t have survived.

Liz drops by Franco’s place to discuss the diamonds she found in Nikolas’ boot and what to do with them. Franco thinks they should go to Laura, but Liz tells him they actually belong to Hayden. After some discussion she decides to turn them into the police and let whatever happens to Hayden happen. Franco questions Liz as to why she came to him with her diamond dilemma, and feels she’s again giving him mixed signals. He wants her to decide whether she likes him or not, but she tells him it’s not easy for her to trust. Liz confides in him about her rape, which shocks him. He realizes she still thinks he could hurt her, and admits he probably will make stupid mistakes. She assures him that she knows he would never intentionally hurt her. The two kiss, which is interrupted by her phone reminding her she needs to pick the boys up. However, they agree to see one another again soon.

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At Wyndemere, Naomi continues to tell Hayden she needs to leave Port Charles as there is nothing left for her here. Hayden thinks there might be, and brings up Dr. Finn. Naomi thinks he is a drug addict, and blames herself for her daughter’s poor choices in men given the bad influence her father was. Hayden gets upset and walks out. Later, Naomi gets a call from Heather Webber, who demands she come visit her. Naomi agrees as she has little choice.


Finn leaves his lab for a moment at GH and Obrecht sneaks in to snoop. He returns to catch her, and she confronts him about what he’s doing. She suspects he is formulating a party drug for Sonny to sell on the black-market and threatens to report him to the cops. He explains that he is working with the FDA on a new treatment protocol, and he chases her out of his lab. He’s unaware that she managed to swipe his voice recorder containing all his memos. Later, Hayden drops by to see Finn. She tells him that her mother wants her to leave town as she has nothing left here, and Finn agrees. He won’t beg her not to leave if that is what she wants from him. Finn coldly tells her that she needs to find her own purpose in life, and not rely on men to help her find herself. Hayden suggests he go to hell and walks out. Finn tries to convince himself he did that for her own good. He gets back to work, only to find his recorder missing and figures out Obrecht took it. In her office, Obrecht listens to Finn’s ramblings as he bursts in and calls her a miserable bitch. Obrecht tells him that she heard more than enough, so he warns her if she does anything that he’ll kill her with his bare hands.

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Molly and Kristina have lunch at the Metro Court as Alexis arrives, not knowing that Molly planned to try and get them to reconcile. Before they can talk, a reporter crashes their lunch to ask for a quote from Alexis, and reveals she’s had her license suspended. Alexis tells the reporter to leave or she’ll have him thrown out, so he goes. Alexis is forced to explain the outcome of the hearing. She also apologizes to Kristina for what happened with Parker, and they make amends. Alexis suddenly remembers that Aaron dropped by as he found her phone, and she returns it to Kristina. Kristina looks at the phone and is shocked that Parker called her. Alexis tries to keep Kristina from making another mistake with Parker, and as they argue, the reporter films them on his phone from across the room. Kristina tells her mother to go to hell and eventually storms off. Molly warns her mother she needs to stop trying to control Kristina or she will lose her, and she’s lost enough already.

Hayden returns to Wyndemere and informs her mother that she will start over and find her own way to prove her doubters wrong. She and Naomi toast to the future.

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