At Perks, Sonny thinks Morgan should be proud of himself and reminds him that he’s winning his fight against bipolar. Morgan admits the rush he felt was still overwhelming even though he’s on his meds. Sonny doesn’t think it’s uncommon and the two sit down to discuss Morgan’s marketing plans for Perks. Morgan is starting to feel like he has a future.

At Sonny’s, Ava switches Morgan’s meds in his bedroom. Downstairs, Carly tries to talk Nelle into babysitting Avery to avoid getting Ava angry if Max and Milo watch her. While she checks Nelle’s references, Ava lets Nelle know that she left Avery sleeping upstairs and leaves. Carly returns with a glowing reference and Nelle agrees to babysit but she refuses Carly’s offer to airfare to return home after. It’s the least Carly can do. Sonny and Morgan arrive. After introductions, Morgan takes Nelle up to visit with Avery. While Carly explains Nelle will be babysitting Avery, Nelle watches the two from the stair landing above. She joins them to announce she’s leaving. Carly goes to get the car and Nelle promises Sonny that she’ll take good care of Avery. Avery leaves when Carly announces her ride is ready. Alone, Sonny boasts how Morgan can handle things himself. Upstairs Morgan takes his medicine.

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Kevin and Laura exchange small talk about their lives over dinner at the Metro Court. She assures him her days of adventure are over. He likes the sound of that and invites her to his room for a nightcap. She’s surprised he has a room but he fesses up about work being done at his apartment. The conversation gets awkward but they jump at the chance to go upstairs and share drinks. Upstairs the two stand around while Laura tries to figure what he’s been doing with his stay. She sees his game console and the two begin playing video games. In the midst of a racing battle the two fall into a kiss. Kevin pulls away and Laura wonders why he stopped. Kevin is trying to be chivalrous and doesn’t want her to do something she’ll regret. She thinks they are grownups and proves she doesn’t regret kissing him. Agreeing they both didn’t intend to have sex before coming upstairs, they decide to anyway and start kissing again.

Elizabeth slides a mysterious package into Wyndemere and thinks Laura should handle it. Ava stops by looking for Laura and shares with Elizabeth how she misses Nikolas after not knowing him very long. She’s curious about the package from Greece and encourages Elizabeth to open it. She pulls out Nikolas’ jacket and a black boot. Ava gawks at it and worries it would upset Laura. She would like something to remember Nik by and asks for the boot. Elizabeth finds her request odd and shakes the boot until a small black velvet pouch falls out. Ava acts surprised but Elizabeth’s sure Ava knows what’s inside as she empties the diamonds into her hand. Ava’s surprised when Elizabeth puts them back in the bag and grabs her purse to go to the authorities. Ava works hard to dissuade her from giving up millions of dollars. She should hold onto them for Spencer. Knowing Elizabeth will honor what Nikolas wants, Ava leaves. Alone Elizabeth stares thoughtfully at the bag of diamonds.

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Nina arrives at Franco’s to pick up her things and is surprised he’s still suspended. She offers to help but he’s sure he’s got it handled. She wishes him no ill and the two relax. Franco makes her one of his famous peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and they enjoy a talk. Franco compliments her success with Crimson but Nina thinks it went to her head causing her to make bad choices with men. He thinks she’s trying to make him jealous but she’s not. She confesses spending the night with Valentin Cassadine and visiting him in lockup. Nina was surprised Valetine wasn’t upset she was the reason he was arrested. She is not sorry that she met him. Nina changes the subject, and wonders how things are with Elizabeth. She doesn’t gloat when he admits things are in limbo and assures him something better is down the road for him if it doesn’t work out. As Nina leaves, Franco catches Elizabeth trying to sneak away in his hallway. He’s pleased she came to him while needing someone to talk to.

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