Jordan returns home, startled to find a naked Andre waiting to surprise her with dinner. She completely forgot she gave him a key and that they had plans tonight. They enjoy dinner in bed, and Andre accidentally knocks over the folder with info on the hospital killer. He notices the photograph of the cufflink and recognizes it as a Roman coin from the first century. She forgot he was Indiana Jones, and explains how Valerie was attacked over this cufflink. The two end up discussing the case, and Andre builds a profile of the killer. She says it sounds like half the doctors on the GH staff, and jokes it could even be him.

Morgan is working at Perk’s when Kiki drops by. Ava finds them kissing, and Kiki confronts her mother about trying to use Dillon to break them up. As Morgan argues with Ava, a rude customer walks up and starts flirting with Kiki. She tells him to back off, but he doesn’t and gets a little too hands on. This prompts Morgan to attack him. A frantic Kiki calls Sonny for help.

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Sonny returns home to find Carly has a nice dinner planned for Nelle. As they all talk and get to know one another, Avery’s nanny Deidre returns with the baby. Deidre admires Carly’s earrings, and Carly says Avery loves them too, which is why she has to take them off when she’s around. Carly puts them on the table as Deidre goes to pack Avery’s bag for Ava, who is coming to pick her up. Later, Sonny gets a call from Kiki and has to excuse himself, leaving Nelle and Carly alone. They finish dinner and Nelle offers to take the plates into the kitchen. Deidre returns to tell Carly she’s packed Avery’s bag and is heading out. Nelle accidently knocks her purse over while clearing the table, causing Carly’s earrings spill out. Carly fires her Deidre for theft, though the nanny swears she didn’t steal from her. Carly tosses her out and apologizes to Nelle about this.

Lucy runs into Kevin at the Metro Court and realizes he has a date with Laura. He tries not to discuss it, but Lucy confirms it. He tries to change the subject and notices she is dressed nicely. Does she have a date? She admits she’s meeting Scott.

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At Wyndemere, Liz apologizes to Laura for missing Nikolas’ funeral and asks about Spencer. Spencer has told Laura that he wants to go to boarding school in France. Hayden walks in and exclaims, “Over my dead body!” They argue over it, Laura feels he’d be safe from Valentin there, but Hayden fears he’d learn to hate his family for being sent away. Naomi arrives and Hayden suggests they grab dinner elsewhere as she doesn’t feel welcomed in her own home.

Back down at the café, Morgan begins to get violent with the rude customer as Kiki begs him to stop. Ava tries to use the fight as an example as to why Morgan is no good for her. Morgan lets the guy go and calms down. Kiki tells him he did a good thing, but the guy accuses Morgan of assault and says he’s calling the cops. The cops arrive and Kiki tries to assure them nothing is wrong, but Morgan reveals he called the cops and tells them this man assaulted his girlfriend. The rude customer is stunned, and Kiki chooses not to press charges. Sonny arrives and asks if everything is okay. Kiki tells Sonny things are fine, and she is proud of Morgan for being on top of things.

Ava arrives at the Corinthos place to pick up Avery, and heads upstairs to get her. She sneaks into Morgan’s room and refuses to let him ruin Kiki’s life. Ava locates Morgan’s meds. Downstairs, Carly sees how well Nelle did with Avery tonight and asks if she could become Avery’s nanny, since she needs a new one.

At the Metro Court, Scott wants Lucy to be happy, but doesn’t think Scott is good enough for her. Later, Laura arrives for her date with Kevin. Elsewhere, Naomi and Hayden have dinner, and Naomi gives Hayden the bad news that Laura has been named as the trustee of Nikolas estate. Naomi asks her daughter to come home and get away from Port Charles and Elizabeth. Hayden is puzzled, and Naomi says Liz and everyone here have just given her nothing but grief. Hayden refuse to leave Spencer or the friends she has.

Liz says goodbye to a photo of Nikolas at Wyndemere before heading out. On the porch she finds a mysterious package sent to Nikolas from Greece.

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