Paul corners Jordan at the PCPD to ask how hard she’s working to catch the hospital killer. Meanwhile, Curtis and Valerie discuss the lead on the killer. Franco intrudes and asks them to let Monica know if they are looking at someone else as the culprit. They can’t say anything yet and push past him. When they get upstairs, they tell Jordan and Paul about the cuff-link that was made of a foreign coin. They search through coins and she identifies a Roman coin. Jordan is thrilled but Paul looks uneasy. As she stares at the image of the coin, she says it looks familiar.

Jake and Jason drop by the hospital to see Liz. The kid goes off to get pancakes, leaving Liz to talk about the Nikolas memorial service. He tells her he knows about the pregnancy but they are keeping it quiet for now. They’re also getting married and he wants her blessing. He exits. She sobs. Franco rushes up and notices she’s upset. She tells him the Sam and Jason news. He’s moving on and her life is a mess. “That really does suck,” he says, but assures her that things aren’t bleak. He thinks she deserves to be with someone who will treat her right… like him. They wander the halls. She’s glad he’s appealing his suspension. Jake returns and gives Franco a chocolate bar. Franco tells Jake what a great mom he has. The kid is okay with his dad getting married since Sam makes him happy just like Franco makes her happy. Meanwhile, Claudette and Griffin make out in his office. He pulls away as Nathan and Maxie arrive at the door. Maxie starts lecturing the priest. The cop is smug and explains that Griffin is the man who slept with his wife. Maxie is shocked and doesn’t know how the priest never told her this. Griffin feels guilty but reminds Nathan that he’s a cop who shot an unarmed man. Claudette tells Nathan that he should just be blaming her and apologizes to Griffin. The priest tells the cop that he has forgiven him. That enrages Nathan, who grabs him by the lapels. Maxie gets him to back down. Claudette assumes that she and Griffin can be together again. He says that can never happen and walks out. Nathan storms down the hall with Maxie chasing after him. She accuses him of still loving Claudette.

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Sam drops by her mom’s place. Alexis is hungover. She wants some good news. Before Sam can give any, she has to rush off to puke. When she returns, her mom guesses she’s pregnant. Sam’s happy that Julian will be locked up by the time the baby is born. She adds that she and Jason are tying the knot too. Diane arrives, instantly traumatized by Alexis’ outfit. They break the news and Diane is thrilled. Alexis then tells her daughter that she’s been suspended for a year. Sam rushes off. Her mom plops on the couch grouchily. Diane assures her that this only a setback and orders her to get dressed so they can go out for a liquid lunch.

Curtis takes Valerie home and puts her to bed. She admits she’s been a bit gun-shy with men since Dante. But she feels like she can trust him with her life. He’s sure she will make a fine cop. Before he can leave, she pulls him back into a kiss. He asks if she’s sure. She unbuttons him. They roll around.

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At Wyndemere, Laura is startled when Kevin kisses her. He apologizes. She doesn’t know why. The romance has been building for a while. He misinterprets her as saying that she’s planning to get Luke back. She hopes he’s more intuitive with his patients and insists her future is not Luke. He says that she’s woken him up and brought him back to life. Kevin asks her out on a date. She agrees and they make arrangements as she shows him out.

Sam and Jason meet at the Metro Court and she tells him about how Julian has devastated her mother’s life. She doesn’t want to think about her father, she just wants to count her blessings. He tells her that he’s been spreading their wedding news and Liz gave them her blessing.

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