At GH, Griffin gets a written message from Claudette that she has a surprise for him. He crumples it up and heads to check on Finn. Finn subtly tells him to mind his own business and gets back to his work in his lab. As he works, Finn talks to his dead wife about how he may soon join her if this cure doesn’t work. His wife apparently talks back to him and brings up Hayden, who Finn assures her is just a friend. Valerie interrupts him to look for evidence, and she finds a mysterious cufflink on the floor. Finn says it’s not his as he is dashing out the door.

Laura, Kevin, Lulu, Dante, Hayden and Curtis convene at Wyndemere after the funeral service for Nikolas. Hayden thanks Curtis for being here for her today before he heads off. Hayden tries to be polite to Nikolas’ family, but Lulu lashes out at her for driving her brother to fake his death. Hayden warns her that if she told her why Nikolas fled it would ruin the perfect image she has of him. Dante suggests he and Lulu go, and Laura thinks that might be best. Once alone, Laura thanks Hayden for not saying anything to Lulu. Hayden gets a call from her mother and excuses herself to take it. Naomi wonders if Nikolas’ death will void the prenup, but Hayden doesn’t know. Laura happens to overhear the call and is outraged. She tears into Hayden and vows to stop her from picking her son’s bones clean.

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Sonny drops by Alexis’ place and finds her hungover. Sonny asks her what is going on with her as she normally doesn’t drown her sorrows in booze. Alexis fills him in on the fight with Kristina over Parker, and about the results of the board hearing. Nina arrives to give Alexis some important news that Sonny may want to know about too. She tells them about thwarting Julian’s attempted escape from jail. A fuming Sonny storms off to take care of things. Once alone, Nina warns Alexis how Julian was also going on about how she still loved him and he was going to get back his family.

Back at the hospital, Curtis runs into Finn and informs him if he happens to see Hayden that she could use a friend today. Curtis changes the subject to Valerie’s whereabouts, and Finn tells him to check the lab. In the lab, Valerie thinks nothing of the cufflink and plans to take it to the lost and found, but someone knocks her out from behind. Curtis finds her and Valerie comes to, only to realize the cufflink she found is missing. She concludes it must be a clue to the killer. Meanwhile, Griffin arrives at the board room for a staff meeting where he finds Claudette waiting. She is now working at GH, which is her surprise. He says if she’s insisting on staying then he has to tell Nathan the truth about what happened between them. Claudette wants them both to forget about Nathan, and tells him the only way he will absolve himself of the guilt he feels is to be true to himself and be with her. She loves him and know he loves her.

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Maxie meets up with Lulu at the Metro Court for lunch and wedding planning, but vents to her friend about Claudette. Lulu gives Maxie the same advice she once gave her about Dante, to trust in Nathan’s love for her. They leave, and later Sonny arrives and meets up with Brick (Stephen A. Smith) to have him keep an eye on Julian and make sure he doesn’t worm his way out of jail.

Nathan meets up with Dante at the PCPD and tells him about the wedding. He asks Dante to be his best man, and Dante accepts.

Back at Wyndemere, Laura storms off after giving Hayden a piece of her mind over trying to get a payday from her family. Hayden goes to walk out of the mansion and finds Finn on her doorstep. He brought a condolence cactus, and invites her out for a drink. Back in the living room, Laura vents to Kevin about how she won’t fail her grandson like she did her son. She eventually falls sobbing into Kevin’s arms over the years she lost with Nikolas, and after she pulls herself together, they share a kiss.

Finn takes Hayden to lunch at the Metro Court. She wonders why he seems to be in such a good mood. He believes he’s found a breakthrough in his research.

Back at the hospital, Dante and Nathan meet up with Lulu and Maxie. Lulu and Dante head to their appointment with Dr. Lee, and Nathan and Maxie head to the conference room as Nathan has to give the staff an update on the investigation. In the conference room, Claudette and Griffin kiss!

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