Joss cries at GH upon learning Nelle’s her kidney donor. She thanks Nelle and they hug. Joss is glad her kidney did not come from somebody that died. Sonny thinks it’s worthwhile seeing Joss relieved. Joss questions Carly about the search not being dropped. They explain what happened. Joss gets agitated and storms off upset. Nelle leaves, offering to talk to her. Jax and Carly remember how sick Joss was and how they would have done anything to save her life. Alone with Sonny, Michael questions why there is so much animosity between him and Jax. Sonny thinks there is a reason Jax was trying to stop the donor search. Nelle finds Joss and shares understanding what Joss’ family is trying to do for her. Nelle confesses she doesn’t have anyone like that her life, if it wasn’t for Michael she wouldn’t have stayed. They return to the group and Joss hugs Carly. They apologize to each other. Joss asks Nelle to stay but she has to go home. Joss promises to friend her and Michael offers to stay in touch. Jax privately calls someone alerting them that Nelle’s not a threat and Carly will no longer have contact with her. Off the phone he sees Carly asking Nelle to stay.

In Andre’s office, Morgan shows confidence during his appointment. He’s sure that he’s feeling better – this is the true Morgan. He and Kiki are overcoming their obstacles despite interferences from Dillon and Ava. Andre suggests Morgan drop the act, something is truly troubling him and he needs to confront it. Morgan admits he’s scared to death of not knowing if he’s okay. Andre can’t guarantee that he’ll never have to be institutionalized again. Morgan can’t go back to the clinic, he needs his family and Kiki. Andre explains normal is not perfect and Morgan needs to keep maintaining as he is now.

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At the Metro Court, Tracy lunches with Paul to discuss Dillon’s troubles and his STI. She believes he needs his father in his life. He argues how Tracy has always been between them and she apologizes but blames him for his absence in all of his children’s lives. At the mention of Susan, he snaps that Tracy has no idea what she means to him or what he’s done for her. Tracy apologizes, it wasn’t her place. Paul thanks her and will try harder with Dillon. Tracy will set up a lunch for them.

At Crimson, Ava makes it clear that Dillon has a chance with Kiki who could break up with Morgan any time if he helps. Morgan is a destroyer; Dillon is a healer and Ava recognizes how Kiki feels about Dillon. She’s certain Morgan tricked Kiki to get her back. Dillon thinks this is about Ava getting Morgan back. Ava just wants Kiki to be safe and happy. Dillon tells her to take her ideas and go to hell, he won’t be used to manipulate and separate Morgan and Kiki. In Nina’ office, Nina asks Curtis to find her a baby and shares how she kidnapped Ava’s baby and no agency or lawyer can help her. She’d love and protect a baby with all she’s got and pleads with Curtis to help her. He questions if she wants to buy a baby. Nina wants to help someone out without the formalities and will do it herself if he won’t. He hesitantly decides to help. Downstairs, Kiki sees her tire is flat in the parking garage and starts to change it when the service fails her. Dillon bumps into her and takes over the task jokingly questioning if she let the air out of the tire for a chance meeting. They reminisce over him getting her out of the apartment when she was reclusive. He gets serious and confesses Ava approached him hoping he would break Kiki and Morgan up. They both recognize they’ve sent each other confusing signals. Kiki takes a call from Morgan and is glad his appointment went well. Dillon sees things are going well for them and promises not to do her mom’s dirty work.

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At Jason’s, Sam questions his proposal and asks again, “Will you marry me?” Sam exclaims, “Yes, yes!” They hug and discuss the divorce Sam never wanted because Jason couldn’t remember. He knew when he signed the divorce papers that he was going to ask her to marry him again. Sam promises she’s going to be so careful during this pregnancy. Her phone rings, it’s Finn. Sam gets ecstatic at the news – no malaria. Her and Jason hug at their miracle and decide to do things right this time.

Back at GH, Ava reviews her final malaria results as Andre walks Morgan out. Morgan puts his backpack down to get a cell signal elsewhere. Ava steals his meds and leaves.

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