At the penthouse, Jason presses Sam about what’s going on and she blurts out hesitantly, “I’m pregnant.” He immediately wants to know if she wants a boy or girl. Sam cries over being exposed to malaria and lists the potential complications. Jason admits he’s scared too, but he loves her and they’re in this together. They discuss not making the same mistakes and how they’ll be honest. He invites her to always grab his hand when she needs him and he’ll never let go. They kiss and reflect on their history. Jason wants to keep all the promises he couldn’t keep before and gets down on his knee and proposes.

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At the Metro Court Ava offers to sit in Kiki’s section. Kiki cuts to the chase knowing Morgan met with her mom. Ava questions if Kiki’s ready to spend the rest of her life with Morgan and recommends she ask Morgan what she means. Downstairs, Dillon calls out unknowingly to Morgan to hold the elevator. They ride in silence until Morgan accuses Dillon of trying to go see Kiki and jokes he’s pathetic. Dillon insinuates Morgan’s pathetic for feeling threatened. They exit the elevator and Dillon orders coffee from Sally while Morgan surprises Kiki with flowers. She rushes to put them in water and bumps into Dillon who gets scalded with hot coffee. Ava raises an eyebrow at Kiki being upset and Morgan offers to take Dillon to the hospital after Sally rushes to help. Dillon’s fine and leaves to change for work. Ava suggests Morgan left something out about his visit and Kiki eagerly awaits his response after Ava leaves. He doesn’t want her to freak out but admits he told Ava he was going to marry Kiki. She gives him a pass understanding that he wanted to drive Ava crazy. Later Morgan believes Kiki thinks he’s manic after he hurriedly discusses his ideas for Perks. She doesn’t, but thinks it’s great that he has outside interests.

Carly arrives at Crimson and is welcomed by a barrage of apologies for inviting Nelle to Port Charles. Carly stops her, she made the right call and is excited. Curtis interrupts and Nina introduces him as the one who found Nelle. Carly thanks him and leaves to find out if his hunch is correct. Alone, he wishes he could make every beautiful woman that happy. Nina offers him a chance to go two-for-two. He produces his report on his investigation into bad plastic surgeons. Nina gushes over all the good Curtis does for others and he quips it’s because she pays him. She’s the real hero for finding Joss’ donor. Nina thinks she was just living vicariously through Carly, she’s an amazing mother. Curtis understands she can’t have a baby but thinks she’ll find good friends. Nina decides she wants Curtis to find her a baby – money’s no object. In the reception, Ava finds Dillon changing his shirt. She’s impressed with his talent and invites him to her gallery. She tells Dillon he still has a chance with Kiki.

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At GH, Jax is surprised to find Nelle with Sonny before Monica comes and takes Joss for testing. Alone, Sonny doesn’t understand why Jax is afraid. Jax worries at what knowing will do to Joss. Carly greets them and apologizes to Jax over the turn of events. Nelle rejoins the group and Carly pulls her away for small talk about Nelle’s life. Monica returns with results. It’s possible Nelle was a donor but only a risky biopsy could prove it. They won’t stand for it but Nelle wants to do it. She steps away and Sonny alerts Carly and Jax that Spinelli and others have gathered enough information to confirm Nelle is Joss’ likely donor.

Joe finds Sabrina and Michael at Perks and returns Teddy’s blanket. Michael’s surprised Joe drove them home last night. While Joe gets coffee, Michael worries that Sabrina keeping information from him is like lying which she’s done before. Joe comes back and wonders if everything is okay. Sabrina opens up about Joe’s fellowship and Michael’s phone rings. Carly needs him bring Joss to GH. Joe stops Sabrina from leaving to reminds her he’s Teddy uncle and needs to be in their lives.

Back at GH, Sonny, Carly and Jax are glad to see Nelle again. A biopsy is unnecessary. They’ve received the confirmation they need to prove she’s Joss’ donor and when Joss and Michael arrive, they’re filled in. Joss begins to cry.

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