Jason's trial is getting underway and because the judge has closed the proceedings, Carly is stopped at the door. She tries to con the guard into letting her slip in, but he won't fall for it. As she stomps away, she tells the guard that he probably has no friends!

Down the hall, witnesses wait for their turn to take the stand in a little holding room. Sam is sitting there alone until Liz is escorted in. Sam is immediately combative. She asks Liz what she plans to do and Liz reports that she's going to give truthful answers. Sam tells Liz that since was "on the inside" of Jason's life for three years, her truths might be Jason's worst nightmare. Liz can't believe that Sam would be so hateful as to deliberately hurt Jason.

As the hearing gets underway, each side gets to present their opening statements. Ric tells the jury that Jason Morgan is a hired hit man and it's time that he is made to pay for his crimes. Diane tells the jury that Ric has a personal vendetta against her client. She points out that Lorenzo Alcazar is a crime lord with many enemies and furthermore, there's not even a body to prove that there was a murder. Ric calls his first witness - Sam McCall. He is able to reveal that Jason owns several guns and that she actually saw him shoot and kill people. He's able to get her to say that Jason's best friend is reputed crime boss, Sonny Corinthos. Diane objects over and over again and Ric continues to correct his wording so as not to lead the witness. When it's Diane's turn, she asks Sam if she and the DA ever had sexual relations. Jason isn't pleased at her line of questioning, but Diane wants to establish Sam's character to discredit her damning testimony. She's able to point out that both Sam and DA Lansing have a personal bias against Jason. Diane asks Sam if the times in which she saw Jason shoot people were in self defense. "Absolutely," Sam clarifies.

At the hospital, Robin leaves Anna a voicemail. She's upset because she can't find her mother because she assumes that she and Noah are together doing God knows what. Then, (dressed as Eli Love) finds Patrick and asks him to cover for him because he's got to get to the Metro Court. As he rushes to the elevator, Robin is repelled at the notion of Patrick's dad meeting her mom "…for a quickie." Patrick tries to calm her down by saying that his father is simply living every guy's dream. He admits to playing a mean air guitar when no one is looking, and that he'd love to be in his father's place for two weeks. Patrick, ever the smart man, is quick to point out to Robin that he wouldn't give up what he has with her for anything.

Kate is angry as she confronts Sonny with her suspicion that he was using her as an alibi during Jason's attempted escape. Sonny denies doing any such thing, and tells her that they "got caught up in the past…possibilities, whatever." Then he tells her that he agrees with her that this isn't a good time for either of them to get involved. "Glad you agree," Kate says matter-of-factly. Sonny says that he got carried away when he saw Connie -- the girl who left him a long time ago. He says that she wanted a better life for herself and she created it. "Thank God we caught it early, no harm done," he says. Kate is flustered and tells him that she walked in his office full of righteous indignation and now he blows her off. She slams the door saying that she wishes that she never walked into this place.

"Eli" is at the Metro Court and he's run into some fans who want him to sign their napkins and pose for pictures. Then he sits with a reporter to do some PR for the fundraiser concert. The reporter asks if he's feeling okay. She tells him that he normally is all over his fans and not so polite. After the interview is over, he nervously sits alone waiting for Anna to show up. A waitress brings him a glass of vodka on the rocks. The drink is sitting on the table when Bobbie shows up and sits with him. He tells her how life as a rocker feels and she shares her concerns for her old friend. She says that maybe he's getting in over his own head. She asks if he's meeting with his sponsor regularly and he says that he is. Noah tells Bobbie that he's standing in for Eli because the cause is a good one, and he wants the real Eli to have the chance to recover. He says that his life has been pretty predictable and he can't wait to take some chances. As she hugs him goodbye, Bobbie picks up the glass of vodka and deposits it on the bar.

Logan finds Lulu behind the counter at Kelly's. He says that he misses his private nurse and Lulu nervously tells him that the Q's have her on a pretty tight leash. She says that she's sorry if she led him on, but they need to agree that it's over between them. Logan says that it didn't feel over when they kissed. Lulu tells him that Coop had a talk with her and convinced her to stay away from him because he's dangerous. Not long after this, Coop walks in and Logan pounces on him and forces him out the door and against a brick wall on the terrace. He's furious that Coop scared Lulu away from him and Coop tells him that it's for the best. As they pull apart, Logan slams Coop with a sucker punch to the side of his ribs. Lulu comes out and yells that Logan just proved that Coop is right. She threatens to call the cops if he doesn't leave.

Carly runs into Alexis at the Metro Court and asks for help in getting into the court room to support Jason. Alexis laughs and says that Carly shouldn't do that to Jason, she should stay away for his sake. Carly won't hear of it, so Alexis suggests that if Carly could get someone to call her as a witness, she would be allowed into the courtroom. Just then, Sam arrives and tells Alexis that she could use a drink. Carly jumps on Sam and asks what lies she told in court.

Amelia goes into Sonny's office to help him get rid of some of his energy while he waits to get word of Jason's trial. "We're way past that," Sonny says. She smiles and clarifies that she found a way to help Jason come off looking great. She says that Ric subpoenaed her footage of the ambush during the transfer. Sonny is upset to hear it and Amelia tells him that the footage clearly shows that Jason was acting in self defense. Sonny points out that seeing Jason take charge and successfully take out three shooters will make him look like a professional killer.

In the courtroom, the judge takes a short recess. Mayor Floyd sits behind Ric and whispers to him that this vendetta against Morgan might finally pay off. The guards deposit Jason in a holding room, and it's the same room where Liz is waiting. She asks how he's doing and he tells her that she has to tell the truth. He says that Sam did, and she has to, too. Thinking about Jake is getting him through this, Jason tells Liz. "I know what I have to protect," he says.

Bobbie goes to the hospital and tells Patrick that she thinks the whole Eli Love thing is a dangerous game for Noah. She reports that she just saw him with a glass of vodka, but he didn't drink it. This time. Meanwhile at the Metro Court, another fan has sent Noah a drink and he invites her to his table and takes a sip. "Here's to you, beautiful," he says.

Liz is still waiting for her turn to testify when Kate Howard is escorted into the holding room. Liz recognizes her and they talk about art in Manhattan and Liz's prior aspirations to be an artist. Then they wonder why the other is waiting to testify. Liz tells Kate that she knows Jason and Kate says that she knows Sonny.

In the courtroom, both sides are preparing to see the footage from the ambush. Diane instructs Jason not to look at the monitor. Mayor Floyd is thrilled to learn that the jury will see Jason kill three men in cold blood. "The jury is about to see Jason a professional killer," Ric sneers.


Jerry calls for a report on Jax.

A woman brushes Jax's face with her hands and apologizes for keeping him waiting.

The state calls Elizabeth Spencer (to the witness stand.)

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