At the hospital, Finn tells Jason that he’s free and clear of malaria. Down the corridor, Liz and Sam arrive. The PI is worried about malaria. As they discuss the baby situation, Jason appears and wonders why they look so intense. After Sam makes an excuse, she wanders off to get her test results. Jason reminds Liz that he told her he didn’t want Franco anywhere near Jake. She snipes about him and Sam and then walks off. Meanwhile, Franco bumps into Obrecht. They discuss his ‘exile’ from the hospital and complain about Monica ‘the philistine’. He tells her about his date with Liz. Obrecht thinks he should see the ‘fair-weather fraulein’ for who she is and concentrate on his work. She gives him a kiss and sends him off. Finn approaches, impressed by her little pep talk. They bicker about Liz. He thinks Franco should know that Liz helped clear him. He goes down the hall to see Sam. She’s malaria free too. Back down the hall, Obrecht sneaks into a room and gets on the phone to ask if her contact has news about Finn. She slips off to the nurse’s station and corners Finn to interrogate him about his mysterious little trip. He wonders what her problem is. She still thinks he’s the killer. Finn accuses her of being the killer to get revenge for being demoted. Back upstairs, Liz corners Franco by the elevators. He tries to escape and says she’s a flake. She had a good time with him. He’s sure that he’s nothing but a nightmare for her. Franco rambles and insists that they are done. When he leaps on the elevator, she jumps in with him. Nothing she says changes his mind. When he gets off the elevator, he asks Obrecht out for a drink. She tells him that Liz exonerated him.

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Lulu shows up at the police station and informs Dante that she wants to see Valentin. This baffles the cop and he insists on talking to the Cassadine with her. Valentin is shown into the interrogation room. He’s sarcastic. They’re smug. She hands him an empty envelope with Daphne’s address on it. He’s never heard of this woman. They ask about the skeleton. He doesn’t know anything about it and couldn’t care less about the Spencers. Lulu lectures him for killing Nikolas. Dante leads her out. Down in the cells, Julian reaches for the key to the door when Nina steps on his hand. She picks up the keys and reminds him of all the people who want to see him in prison. Nina takes out some legal papers for him to sign in exchange for the keys. He signs and smugly tells her that his lawyer will get him off. She suggests he stop being delusional and plead guilty. He’s still determined to be a good husband to Alexis. Nina doubts he’s ever loved anyone but himself. She heads upstairs and sneaks in to see Valentin. She wonders is he slept with her to cover something up. He insists it was because she was beautiful and charming. Nina admits to turning him in. He insists it was his fault and he doesn’t regret anything. His instincts are telling him that they will see each other again.

Jason and Sam go home. She’s hungry but he thinks they should talk about what she’s not telling him. Sam is reluctant to say so he nags. She asks for some time. Taking her hand, he pushes her to tell him.

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At Perks, Kristina accuses her mother of forcing Parker to dump her. Alexis insists she just asked her to be honest. “Clearly your ethics aren’t what they used to be,” Kristina says, accusing her of engineering the whole break-up. The lawyer explains that Parker admitted she couldn’t imagine a future with Kristina. Having her mother stomp all over her life infuriates her. Alexis admits she was wrong but tells her that Parker is gone and she needs to move on. She insists she only did what she did because she loves her. Kristina reminds her of all of her bad choices with Julian. She’s sure facing judgement at the bar will show her what it feels like to be her.

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