At the Quartermaines’, Liz walks in on Sam leaving a message for Finn on the phone. Sam is worried about malaria. The PI runs out to puke. When she returns, she breaks the news she’s pregnant. Liz awkwardly congratulates her. Sam can’t tell Jason about this until she knows the baby will be okay. The nurse won’t say anything, but suggests she tell Jason herself. Sam gets a call. The test results are in. Liz offers her a ride.

Ava is at her penthouse, cursing her life. She flashes back to Nikolas being shot and then grabs her gun when she hears someone at the door. It’s just Holt. They need to talk about her brother. She won’t help him escape and insists she’s out of the family business. But she wouldn’t be opposed to any plan to get her brother out of the country.

Kevin wakes up in his hospital room. He’s eager to get out of bed but Laura won’t let him. He reminds her that she saved his life and thanks her. She wonders how much he remembers of what he said on the plane. Not much. She covers over what he said. As he takes her hand, Lucy saunters in with balloons. Laura exits. Lucy doesn’t know what she would do if she lost Kevin. They decide to be friends again. She gives him a stuffed duck and points put that he’s ‘crushing’ on Laura. Out in the corridor, Ava bumps into Laura. They discuss Nikolas. Laura is having a hard time admitting that he’s gone. It breaks her heart that he died after going over to the dark side. Ava reminds her that he sacrificed himself for her so he wasn’t all bad. They hug. When Laura goes back to the room, she listens at the door to Lucy and Kevin. Once Coe departs, Laura visits Kevin with the results. They are both clear for malaria.

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Alexis runs into Jordan at Kelly’s. The cop wishes her good luck with her bar hearing. Once the lawyer leaves, Jordan picks up a load of food for Andre, who pops up. He suggests they grab breakfast and discuss what’s going on between them. After they eat, they agree to work harder on their relationship. “I’m in this for the long haul,” she says. They kiss and she hands him the keys to her place.

Alexis drops by the cells to see Julian. He’s amazed. She enters the cell and asks him to tear up the divorce papers. The lawyer still loves him. He’s confused. She suggests they go somewhere to start fresh. Before they can kiss, Julian wakes from this dream. Alexis arrives for real. She wasn’t impressed by the stunt he pulled in the court room and advises him to cut a deal. When she asks him to speak at her hearing, he offers to lie for her… if she gives him a way out. She laughs in his face but he thinks it’s a good deal. Alexis is appalled and lectures him before storming out. A man in uniform comes by, hands Julian some keys and explains that Holt is waiting behind the station. Julian drops the keys outside of the cell as he tries to open it. As he drops to the floor to grab the keys, a woman appears and steps on his hand.

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Kristina and Aaron are working at Perks. She makes small talk but it’s pretty awkward. He suggests that they work separate shifts. She wants to talk things over. He doesn’t care that Parker is a woman, he cares that she was dishonest and just used him as a ‘hetero stand-in’. She’s sorry. Parker was the first woman she ever wanted to be with. He’s still angry and hurt but doesn’t want to be ‘a tool’ but he’s not sure they can be friends. After he wanders off, Alexis pops up. They discuss Parker and Alexis suggests that the prof walking away might have been the kindest thing she could do. The way she explains this reminds Kristina of what Parker said. She guesses that’s not a coincidence.

Ava returns to the penthouse and drinks a shot to Nikolas and what they could have been.

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