At Sonny’s, Carly thanks Nelle but asks that she prove she’s the donor. Jax looks concerned as Nelle gets angry at being thought a liar. Sonny points out that someone already tried to shake Carly down for money. Nelle rushes out and Carly sends Michael after her. Jax thinks it’s best if Nelle never comes back, there is no way Carly could keep what happened to her quiet. Carly disagrees but Sonny is with Jax, they cannot control when Joss learns the truth. Carly only cares about helping Joss and Nelle.

Michael catches up to Nelle at Perks and asks her to hear him out. She doesn’t think he can say anything that would matter. Nelle realizes she’s short money and asks Michael to give her his address and she’ll pay him back if he spots her twenty. He has to take a call and steps away as Joss approaches. She introduces herself and thinks Nelle was at Sonny’s to see Michael. Joss points out Michael’s positive attributes and Nelle helps her use an app. Joss leaves when Michael returns. He wants to change Nelle’s mind and hopes they can repay her if she is the proven donor.

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Finn stops by Cassadine Island and tells Rachel he’s sorry about Nik. He knows she cared about him. Rachel rants a little, almost sounding happy he died after faking his death. She softens and finds everything that happened such a waste. Finn holds her as she cries. He doesn’t think she sounds crazy and understands her regret. He reminisces about his wife’s death and how he didn’t get her parents’ picture in time. Rachel stops him from leaving and is interested in how he’s doing. He has a three-month supply of medicine to stay alive and maybe he’ll have a cure by then. Rachel needs him cured so people think her philanthropy saved his life.

Morgan arrives at Kiki’s. Kiki’s annoyed thinking it’s Ava again and admits she gave her mom ammunition against them. Ava found her STI meds. Morgan’s happy Kiki stood up for them. They get hot and heavy and both pull out condoms and get busy. After sex, Kiki is feeling really good before Michael leaves for take-out.

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Ava finds her apartment in disarray when she returns home. She’s about to phone the police but grabs a vase when she hears a sound. Scott emerges with Lucy from his bedroom and says, “I can explain,” before Ava can bash him. While Scott explains their wild encounter, Lucy rushes around straightening up. Ava’s frustrated that they think she was on vacation and points out she was in mortal danger with Laura, and Kevin who was shot. Lucy rushes to see him leaving Scott behind to dress and consider checking on Laura. Ava’s disappointed in him and he reminds her they weren’t exclusive. She shares that she missed him but can’t be friends with someone so self-absorbed. While she was away she cared for someone, a kindred spirit, but now he’s dead. Scott jokingly asks, “Did you kill him?” Ava didn’t and if he wants to know what happened he’ll have to read the news. Scott is sorry for her loss and hopes she’s okay. Ava pushes him out the door. Moments later she hopes the knock on the door isn’t Scott. Morgan comes in voicing his displeasure that she returned to Port Charles. Ava wonders what’s next on his agenda after giving Kiki an STI. Morgan plans to marry Kiki and it doesn’t matter what she does or doesn’t do. He leaves and sipping her martini alone Ava says, “Over my dead body.”

At Sonny’s, Carly becomes frustrated with Sonny siding with Jax. Joss arrives and wonders why they are talking about her. Jax promises it’s just a discussion about if Joss could stay with him another night before he leaves. Carly apologizes and assures her it wasn’t really an argument. Carly hugs Joss goodnight and professes her love. Alone, Sonny trashes Jax but advises Carly to back off before trusting Nelle. Later, Nelle returns with Michael. She understands what they are trying to do and she will stay to be tested.

Later, Kiki wakes up alone at her apartment and wonders where Morgan is.

At Perks, Joss confesses how she met a nice girl for Michael, Nelle who was at the house. She’s disappointed though that Nelle is leaving Port Charles tonight.

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