Liz approaches Jason at Perks while he’s leaving Sam a message. He eagerly hangs up and asks her why Sam’s in the hospital. Liz knows her vitals are good and Jason leaves after learning what floor she’s on.

At GH, Sabrina leaves Michael a cheerful message. Amy overhears and gushes over her good news about Teddy going home soon. She steps away leaving Sabrina astonished at finding Joe there. Joe regrets the choices Carlos made but hopes he can be better for Sabrina and Teddy. He’s taken on a fellowship and can focus on his research through a grant he received. Sabrina questions if he’s trying to win her back. His research is what’s important to him and although he wonders what would have happened if they left Puerto Rico and pursued medicine together, he wishes her nothing but the best with Michael. At Sam’s bedside, Finn realizes Sam is surprised but happy and congratulates her on her pregnancy. Finn leaves Sam alone when Jason arrives. She assures Jason that nothing is wrong with her but is worried when Jason isn’t feeling well. She asks Finn to take a look at him when he peeks in. Finn’s concerned after their trip out of the country and takes Jason’s blood. Sam follows Finn out who cautions that Jason may be okay, but her baby is in danger if she tests positive for malaria. Later, Joe sees Sabrina near the elevator and talks her into joining him for dinner.

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At Sonny’s, Nelle discloses that Nina pointed her in their direction. Jax is more than annoyed but Sonny wants to learn more. Michael invites Nelle away from the argument. Outside Nelle is confused, she was only trying to do the right thing. Jax, Carly and Sonny join them on the patio. They confirm Nina admitted sending Nelle their way. Carly shares Sonny’s interest in why Nelle thinks she’s Joss’ donor. Nelle explains how her parents took her somewhere for an operation she didn’t need that later made it easier for her to get sick. She realized her parents’ money problems disappeared after that. They have since died leaving no answers. Sonny questions what she’ll get out of knowing Joss’ family. Back inside, Nelle hopes knowing the good that came out of something bad for her will give her closure. Jax is sorry for all she’s been through and asks for a moment alone with Carly. He and Sonny step outside and try to convince Carly that Nelle might not be the donor. Carly wants to investigate but Jax thinks the best they can do is give the girl money for her trouble and let it go. Sonny seems to wonder to himself at that offer. Carly refuses to give up on their best lead. Jax doesn’t look happy when Sonny agrees only after they figure out if Nelle is telling the truth. Michael’s leaving Sabrina a return message eager to hear her good news when Carly comes back with Sonny and Jax and asks if Nelle is agreeable to proving she’s the donor.

Rachel’s surprised to find Lulu at Wyndemere. Lulu tells her Nik faked his death and only Spencer knew about it. Unfortunately, Nik was killed by his uncle. Alone, Rachel asks, “Nicolas, what did you do?” Liz arrives and Rachel immediately accuses her of being in on Nik’s faked death. Liz fires back how much Nik loved her and how everything that happened is her fault. Rachel reminds her that Nik came to his demise because of the secrets they kept about Jason for her. Liz hopes Rachel never stops thinking about what might have been.

At the Quartermaine’s, Dillon snaps after hiding his prescription when Tracy asks what he’s doing. She accuses him of possible drug use until he admits taking preventive measures after contracting something from a friend. Tracy seethes the opportunity to suggest he caught an STD from Kiki. He makes it clear it wasn’t Kiki and it’s none of her business. Lulu interrupts looking for information on Luke. Tracy realizes something is up and Lulu shows her the evidence photos of the jewelry found on the skeleton. Tracy tears up at how familiar they look but thinks they were planted by Helena. Lulu thinks there is no way they could know she would end up on Cassadine Island again. She asks Tracy for something for a DNA comparison. Dillon remembers an old baseball cap Luke used to where and Tracy annoying volunteers him to look for it. Tracy thinks it’s a waste of time and declares, “Lucas Lorenzo Spencer is alive and well.” Dillon returns with the cap. Tracy doesn’t think it will amount to anything and adds she’s sorry about Nik. Lulu leaves and Tracy tries to convince herself more than Dillon that Luke is alive.

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