Alexis is at home on the phone to Diane when Sam shows up. She fills her mom in on what happened on the island. Alexis is unconvinced that Nikolas is dead. She fills her in on how dangerous Valentin is. Her daughter turns the topic to Julian. Alexis tears up and recaps the story. Sam doesn’t want anything to do with her dad anymore.

Ava visits her brother in the interrogation room. She’s surprised to see him being so pessimistic about his case until it becomes obvious he’s guilty. He claims it was a moment of weakness. Julian has a plan to get everything back and it doesn’t include a lawyer. He needs her help to escape. She can’t help him. It would mean risking a return to prison. Later, Sam shows up. He’s happy to see she’s okay. That’s not mutual. She rants at him for what he did to Alexis and threatens to kill him if he goes near her again. He just wants his family back. “You are nothing to me!” she declares. He’s sure she’ll need him someday… Danny might need a bone donor again. She explains that Jason is a match and Julian is expendable. Before she can storm out, she suddenly collapses. Outside, Jordan assures Jason that they will find Valentin. He’s unconvinced. They bicker. She leaves. He calls Lulu to find out where Spencer is.

At home, Carly complains to herself about having to move plants when Jax shows up. He asks if they are going to have peace or war over their daughter. They rehash their argument and she assures him that she and Nina will do nothing to hurt Joss. When she leaves to check on her cake, he picks up her ringing phone and spots a message from Nina. When Carly returns, he confronts her and they start to bicker. Ava arrives in time to hear the tail end of this argument. Jax exits and Ava starts taunting Carly before demanding to see Avery. When she heads up to the nursery, Carly listens to them on the baby monitor. Ava leaves, stopping to snipe at Carly, who sneers back at her.

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Nina and Curtis are at Perks. She beats herself up for sleeping with Valentin. He thinks she deserves all the nice words in the world and she’ll find a man worthy of her. The PI has plans for the Joss project. They go through a possible donor list. She’s about to email the likely candidate when he stops her. Nina sends it anyway. Carly calls and asks her to drop the search immediately. Reeves tells her to consider it done. “Are there any take-backs for email?” she asks Curtis.

Jax shows up at Alexis’ and she runs into his arms in sobs. He explains he might need some legal help. She explains that she may not be a lawyer in a week. Jax grabs them some wine. She sobs some more, sure that Diane can’t save her from disbarment. The lawyer doesn’t know who she is without her ethics. He assures her that she will still be a mother and warrior, no matter what happens.

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At the drama camp, Valentin is about to run off with Spencer when Sonny shows up. He asks for an introduction. Valentin says he’s Theo and shakes his hand. The mobster spots his tattoo. He tries to delay their exit by sending the kid back onto the stage. Once he’s gone, Sonny grabs Valentin by the wrist and declares that he knows a Cassadine when he sees one. They threaten each other. The Cassadine flashes his gun. He disarms Sonny but Jason shows up and clobbers Valentin from behind. Jordan arrives with an officer, has the Cassadine cuffed and arrests him. Once he’s hauled off, Jason departs and Sonny is left to explain things to Spencer. The kid rushes offstage as the audience claps. He tells his uncle that Nikolas is alive and Theo came to take him to him. Sonny says that’s not going to happen. The kid cries.

Jordan takes Valentin to the station. He requests a phone and Nina’s number.

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