Sonny arrives at the PCPD where Jason is in cuffs for Nikolas’ murder, even though Jordan has been briefed as to what happened on Cassadine Island. Dante and Lulu back up that Nikolas died in Greece thanks to Valentin. Jordan excuses herself to make some calls to Interpol about their claims, and Sonny tells Lulu that he’s sorry for her loss. Lulu gives the news to Sonny about Luke’s possible demise. He doesn’t want them to count Luke out until they have proof, which he offers to help them get. A worried Sonny decides to leave as Valentin may target other Cassadines related to him.

Nina wakes up at the Metro Court and finds Valentin, going by Theo, getting dressed. She asks how long he’s in town, and he tells her just long enough to tie up loose ends with his family. Curtis interrupts by knocking on the door, so Nina gives Theo the morning paper to read while she deals with him in the hall. Curtis has brought her some new leads on Joss’ donor. Meanwhile, Valentin reads the headline of the paper, which reveals that Jason and the others are back in town. He interrupts Curtis and Nina and says he has to go and runs off. Curtis and Nina head back inside and discover that Valentin left his phone. Nina thinks they should look through it to see if they can get ahold of him through a contact. She accidently plays a voicemail, which is from Spencer to his father. They realize this is Nikolas’ phone, and that they need to get it to the police.

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Spencer is in costume as Richard III for his play at Camp Showbiz. As he hangs out backstage, Valentin arrives and introduces himself as his Uncle Theo. Nikolas sent him to get him. Spencer asks for ID, so Valentin flashes his tattoo of the family crest. Valentine tells him that he has a jet ready to go, but Sonny arrives before he can abscond with the boy.

Dillon meets Darby down at Aaron’s coffee shop, where she tells him that he needs to be tested for an STI called MG. He thanks her for letting him know, but then wonders about Morgan. Darby says he’s not returning her calls, and she doesn’t want to give him this news in a voicemail.

At the Corinthos house, Kiki accuses Morgan of having a manic episode, and asks if he’s taking his meds. He assures her that he is. She informs him they are adults now and have to act like it, and he’s not acting like one. Avery interrupts by crying, so Kiki leaves to tend to her sister while Morgan heads to work.

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Claudette and Griffin are stunned to see each other in the exam room at GH. She throws herself into his arms, and he quickly pushes her away. She asks if he’s left the cloth, and he informs her that he’s on a leave an absence. They argue about their past, and he accuses her of being in town to play games with Nathan and Maxie. Claudette says this all a bizarre chance occurrence. Griffin reminds her that she told him several times that she never loved Nathan, so he asks what her game is. She swears she wants nothing from Nathan, but he doesn’t believe that as all she cares about is herself. She cries that isn’t true, and she loved him once. He tells her to stay off her knee for a few days, and that they are done. Out in the hallway, Maxie wonders if Nathan wanting to get married immediately has something to do with a guilty conscience over Claudette. He promises her nothing happened, and he is sorry if he made her doubt him. She thinks his idea to push up the wedding isn’t so terrible, but today is not doable. She suggests they start planning for next month.

Back down at the coffee shop on the boardwalk, Morgan arrives for work and Dillon gives him the heads up about Darby.

At the PCPD, Jordan returns with info on Valentin, and lets Jason go. Suddenly, Curtis and Nina arrive with the phone and play the voice message for Jordan and the others. When she reveals it belongs to her gentlemen caller Theo, the others realize Valentin is in town. Jordan shows Nina a photo of Valentin, which she identifies.

Morgan and Dillon go to GH, where Kiki meets them and wonders why they are all here. Darby walks up and gives her the lowdown on what is going on. Morgan apologizes to Kiki, but she says this isn’t his fault. Morgan hopes she will stick with him. She hugs him and says she isn’t going anywhere. Elsewhere, Claudette is on her way out and runs into Maxie and Nathan, who give her the news that they are pushing up the date of their wedding. Claudette spots Griffin talking to a nurse in the hallway and announces she’s staying in Port Charles.

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