Nathan brings Claudette to GH because of her twisted knee, and leaves her in an exam room to fetch a doctor. He runs into a relieved Maxie in the hall and fills her in on what transpired the night before with Claudette. When Maxie learns that Claudette hasn’t left town and is here at GH, she fumes. Back in the exam room, Claudette’s injury mysteriously heals, and she’s able to stand just fine. Valerie stops Griffin and Liz to question them about the killings. She has them wait in her office and as Valerie goes to find Nathan, Liz tells Griffin about her date with Franco and how she’s unsure if she believes in his innocence anymore.


Lucy, who is now working as a real estate agent, joins Kiki and Morgan on the boardwalk and surprises Kiki with the news that Morgan has found them a place to live. Kiki is speechless and excuses herself and Morgan. She lays into him for deciding on his own they should move in together. Lucy spots Dillon, her next client, and gives Morgan and Kiki space while she helps Dillon. Kiki drags Morgan off, and Dillon is troubled by the news he overheard, that Kiki is moving in with Morgan. Lucy says she doesn’t think it will happen, as Morgan surprised Kiki with the idea and the apartment. Dillon can’t think straight so he tells Lucy he will have to discuss the apartment situation later.

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Scott arrives at the PCPD, where Franco is being held in the interrogation room. Scott asks him why he sketched the victims, and Franco tells him it was just art. Franco swears he isn’t the killer, and asks his dad to believe him, but Scott seems hesitant. Franco asks to borrow his phone so he can call Liz. He calls her, but she is unable to talk at the moment. Scott suggests Franco forget about Liz and try and work things out with Nina. Franco informs his father that Nina told Jordan she believed there was part of him that he couldn’t control. He feels that nobody believes in him, not Nina, his father or Liz.

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Back at GH, Maxie is irate over Nathan being trapped with Claudette all night. Valerie interrupts to inform Nathan that Liz and Griffin are waiting for him. Nathan leaves, and Claudette hobbles out and goads Maxie on. Claudette gloats to Maxie that she and Nathan did have a real marriage, and they do have memories together. Nathan even has their wedding song on his playlist. Meanwhile, Nathan tells Valerie she needs to go home as she’s been working all night. Nathan goes into the office and questions Liz and Griffin. As Liz goes over the happenings of last night, she realizes Amy claimed the monitors for Mrs. Prescott had been turned off, which is why no alarms sounded. However, earlier, when Valerie sent her in to check on Mrs. Prescott after Franco was found in her room, Amy claimed the monitors were functioning properly. She tells Nathan that Franco couldn’t have gone back to turn the monitors off, as he was with her on their date. Nathan checks the security footage, which confirms Liz’s story. Back out in the hall, Maxie has had it with Claudette and tries to push her into a wheelchair so she can take her to the airport herself. Nathan breaks up their fight, and he orders Claudette back to the exam room to wait for the doctor. Later, Griffin walks into the exam room and both he and Claudette are stunned to see one another.Back in the hallway, Nathan suggests to Maxie that they get married today.

Kiki and Morgan go back to the Corinthos place. They argue and he realizes she thinks he is off his meds. Kiki tells him that he is not acting right and she believes he’s having a manic episode.

Back at the station, Scott informs Franco that he’s free to go because someone found evidence of his innocence.

Back at the boardwalk, Valerie runs into Dillon, and they grab a coffee. Dillon tells her about the girl he’s seeing when Darby texts him out of the blue and tells him they need to talk ASAP. Meanwhile, Scott runs into Lucy and invites her out for martinis.

Franco returns to the hospital, and Liz tells him that she’s glad he was released. Franco doesn’t think Liz wants anything to do with him after last night, so offers to leave her alone. He asks her to tell Jake that he will miss him, and walks off.

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