On the island, Sam struggles with Dante as he tries to keep her safe. Jason climbs out from behind a rock and she jiggles over to him. He recounts surviving the crash and then suggests they build a signal fire. Ava points out that could summon Valentin’s men. They decide to risk it. Lulu and her mom grieve about Nikolas. Dante assures Jason he’ll be cleared of the prince’s death. They’re all eager to get home. Laura notices that Lulu is wearing a bracelet that looks like one of Luke’s. Lulu admits she found it on a skeleton. Laura thinks it could all be a Cassadine trick but her daughter doubts it. They can hear the naval patrol and rush off to yell for them. Laura stares at the bracelet again. She tears up and tells Lulu that she feels like she’s leaving Luke and her son behind.

In his room at drama camp, Spencer calls his father’s phone to leave a message. He hides the phone as a camp counsellor comes in. After he leaves, Spencer tries calling his dad again.

Jordan and Valerie show up at Franco’s studio and interrupt his date with Liz. Jordan informs them that there was another suspicious death at the hospital. They question him about the vial he had. It tested positive for poison. Franco insists that Mrs. Prescott was alive when he left her. He refuses to let them search his studio without a warrant. Liz suggests he just do what they ask but he’s sure the cops are desperate to pin this on him. Jordan says they’ll get a warrant tomorrow and hold him in a cell for 24 hours. He thinks this is all garbage.

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At home, Sonny chats with Morgan until Joss runs out to say that her dad is in town. Sonny suggests they surprise him at the hotel. Krissy arrives as Joss eagerly exits with Sonny. Morgan wonders why his dad was being so concerned for Kristina. She explains that their dad caught her with Parker. It was the best night of her life. Morgan jokes that he’s jealous of her open dating playing field. She admits she’s alone and probably deserves it. She’s confused but thinks she’s in love with Parker. Morgan assures her she will always have her dysfunctional family.

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At the Metro Court, Jax bickers with Carly about her mission to find Joss’ kidney donor. He thinks it needs to stop. Carly admits the origins of the kidney could cause problems. Joss rushes in with Sonny behind her. She loves it when they are all together. She and her dad take off. Carly fills Sonny in and he actually agrees with Jax on this, even though he’s sure there’s always something behind ‘that stupid smile’ of his. Upstairs, a freshly shaven Valentin startles Nina as she lurks in the hall by her room. He’s flirty and helps her into her room. After noticing Crimson on the table, he gushes about how much the magazine has inspired him. They chat about an article concerning the Quartermaines and Cassadines. She sits on the bed. He introduces himself as Theo and she asks about the cut on his face. He claims he was treated unkindly. Nina tells him she worked hard to save the magazine. Then she tells him to drop the act and stop working so hard to make her forget her boyfriend. They kiss. She pulls away and then goes in for more. They hit the sheets. After sex, she sleeps. He pulls out Nikolas’ phone and listens to the messages Spencer left.

Jax and Joss are The Floating Rib. She assures him that her mom has dropped the search for the donor. When she goes off to wash her hands, he calls someone with an update. He assures them that Carly has dropped everything and he can probably handle Sonny.

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