At GH, Amy, Jordan, Curtis and Valerie discuss the vial Franco had in his pocket tested positive for the same drug used to kill all the patients. Jordan checks the latest lab reports and the only prints on the vial were Franco’s. Curtis and Valerie postpone their date as she has to work, and he heads off. Jordan suggests to Valerie that they pick up Franco, and Amy lets them know he is on a date with Liz. Andre arrives, and Jordan asks him for his help with the case. Andre admits during his evaluation of Franco that he was preoccupied with death. Jordan and Andre search Franco’s therapy room and find his sketchpad in which he’s sketched all the dead patients and numbered them in order of their deaths. Andre says this may only be a coping mechanism of Franco’s to deal with the deaths, but there is a page marked #4 that is blank. Jordan believes it is important they find Franco and Liz.

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At Franco’s studio, he and Liz share wine, crackers and cheese. Liz sends a text to her sitter to check in, and he jokes that she was really letting the cops know where she was. They talk about his work, which he admits is usually dark and angry, and that bothers a lot of people. He thought that his surgery had removed his ability to paint, but lately the new feelings he has have moved him to paint again. He shows her his latest painting, one of her, and she tells him it is beautiful. The painting of her is colorful and light, and she laughs that it reminds her of a Renoir. The two talk about art and bond when Liz reveals she used to dream of being an artist.

Nina sits at the bar at the Floating Rib and cries over the reader responses she got from Joss’ story. Curtis arrives and joins her, and she reveals that despite Carly asking her to stop looking, she is going to continue the search for Joss’ donor. He wonders why she is here at the bar alone, and she tells him because of Franco. They talk about her breakup, and she believes that there is still a dark side to Franco that he can’t control. Jordan and Valerie walk in just as she says this. They ask Nina and Curtis if they’ve seen Franco and Liz tonight, but they haven’t. Later, Valerie gets word from Liz’s babysitter that the nurse checked in with her and they are at Franco’s new studio, so Jordan and Valerie take off. Nina is upset that Franco wasted no time moving on. Nina heads home, and Andre arrives and runs into Curtis. Curtis asks Andre not to be too hard on Jordan over the secret about TJ. Andre thanks Curtis, but didn’t ask him for advice.

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Finn returns from his trip to the Metro Court and picks up Roxy from Carly, who had been watching him while he was gone. Jax arrives, stunning Carly, who wonders why her ex is in town. Jax says he had business here and thought he would surprise Joss. Carly introduces Finn to Jax, and explains he is the doctor that helped her look into Joss’ transplant. Jax thanks Finn for his help, but says they won’t need it any further as they are ceasing the search. Finn is stunned by the news, but Jax says it is what Joss wants. Finn leaves, and Jax asks Carly if she is really backing off the search. She swears she is, but he knows she’s lying.

Jason and the others are stranded on an island in the Mediterranean after the plane they were in went down. Jason has been missing since the crash, and Sam insists on trying to find him, which the others try to dissuade her from doing in the dark. However, when she tries to leave, she faints. Dante tends to Sam, and Laura checks on Kevin, who is getting better. When Lulu and Dante get a moment alone, Lulu shows him the items she found on a skeleton that may be her father. Sam recovers from her spell and still insists on going to look for Jason. Someone can be heard walking nearby in the jungle and Sam runs towards them thinking it is Jason. Dante chases after to stop her.

Finn returns to the hospital and asks Amy to help him reestablish his lab.

Back at Franco’s studio, his and Liz’s date is interrupted when Valerie and Jordan arrive to question him.

Nina makes her way back to her room at the Metro Court, and someone follows her. She shouts out asking who is there.

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Spencer makes a call to his father.

Laura promises Lulu they will get through this.

Dante tackles Sam, and she asks what he’s doing.

A man tells Nina that he didn’t mean to startle her.

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