Jason is being transferred back to the PCPD for his trial. As the friendly guard that he as shared the ride with helps him out of the van, shooting rings out. Amelia and her camera crew are waiting to cover the transfer and as soon as Jason realizes that he's being ambushed, he pushes Amelia to the ground. Jason sees that the guard is down, so he grabs his gun and returns fire. After he realizes that the shooter(s) are either dead or gone, he asks if everyone is okay. Just then Lucky comes out and tells Jason to put the gun down. Jason does as Lucky asks and Amelia goes to check the guard's pulse. He's dead. Lucky escorts Jason inside and Carly demands to talk to him. Jason tells her to calm down as he is escorted down the hall.

Across town, Sonny is trying to get a handle on how Kate would like to proceed with their relationship. He acknowledges that what happened the last time they were together was like putting the cart before the horse, but he'd like to take her to dinner and spend more time with her. Kate puts on her practical face and says that it's really simple -- she took hormone enhancing pills and now she has to send a bigger donation for the fund raiser that she missed. She tells him that they aren't teenagers anymore and sex happens between consenting adults. Nothing has to change, she assures him. "What if I want it to?" Sonny asks. He gently tells her to let her guard down and just be real for a minute. He says that he knows she's not the same girl from high school and that he wants to get to know who she has become. Kate is clearly uncomfortable, but touched and intrigued all at the same time. Before she can speak Sonny's phone rings. Diane tells him that either somebody just tried to kill Jason or his plan to break Jason out just blew up in his face.

On the set of "Everyday Heroes," Sam and Liz are bickering about who's going to hurt Jason more on the stand. Amelia's assistant tells them to check out the monitor because someone is shooting at Amelia and Jason. Maxi has just arrived with a dress from the boutique for the wardrobe department. She sees the monitor and worries about Mac and Coop so she leaves them a voicemail. Standing with Maxi and Liz, Sam wonders if someone was trying to break Jason free. Once they can see that Jason wasn't harmed and then escorted into the PCPD Sam and Liz continue their bickering. On her way out the door, Liz tells Sam, "If you use your testimony to get revenge on Jason, you may feel vindicated for a moment, but when the consequences kick in, you'll hate yourself more than you ever hated me." After Liz leaves, Maxi and Sam have a little argument about Liz. Maxi says that Liz only wants Lucky because he can be an in-house daddy to her kids. Sam adds that she knows things Liz wants kept secret and can blow her little world to hell.

At the hospital Noah asks Robin if there's a rumor going around about him sleeping with her mother. Robin doesn’t want to even talk about such a thing. Patrick tells Noah in no uncertain terms that he can't date Anna because their children date! Noah tells them to find something better to do than to make demands on him or Anna. He leaves in a huff and Robin tells Patrick that her viper of a mother set her sites on "…poor, unsuspecting Noah." Patrick says that his father isn't helpless and back in the day he was quite the ladies' man. He grumbles about how awful it will be to have to spend family occasions with both Noah and Anna as a couple. "Does that mean you want to be with me forever?" Robin playfully asks. "Don't kick me when I'm down," Patrick pouts. He contends that Anna will get tired of Noah when reality hits that he's not a rock star. Just "make it stop" Robin says. Just then Noah checks out for the day and runs by them on his way out. He's dressed in black and tells them that he's seeing Anna to "work" tonight. Patrick tells Robin that this is war. "It's either them, or us."

Back at the scene of the ambush, Ric learns that their guard is dead, as well as the three assailants. Also, there is proof that Jason took the assailants out with the guard's gun. Ric turns to Diane and beams that he can add three more counts of murder to Jason's charges. Sonny arrives and Ric tells him that his plan to break Jason free failed. Then Alexis shows up and tells Ric that she's there to start working on getting Sam off of the witness list. They argue back and forth, punctuating their sentences with "dear." Just then a cop reports to Ric that the dead shooters have Venezuelan IDs. "Do you need a building to fall on you?" Sonny asks. As a TV camera pushes into Ric's face, Amelia asks the DA if he has any comments to make in the security breech in the transfer of Jason Morgan. Ric, of course, doesn't.

Diane has gone inside to talk to Jason. She says that now he'll look like a trained killer, not to mention that the whole thing was caught on videotape. She suggests that Ric set the whole thing up. Jason says that he thinks the shooters were trying to avenge Lorenzo's death. Diane leaves so that she can get started on the newly complicated case for Jason.

Liz and Jake have arrived home. She tells her son "That was a terrifying reminder of why we can never be with your real daddy." When Lucky comes home, he tells Liz about the shooting and she says that she knows because she was at the studio when she saw footage on their internal feed. He wants to know why she was at the studio? Then he wants to know why protecting Jason from Sam's potential revengeful testimony is any of her business. When they move on to what her testimony will be, she says that she plans to tell the truth and that Jason visited her in the hospital and then he got a phone call. Lucky says, "You've got to understand that you heard Jason get the call to kill Alcazar, right?"

Jerry has returned to his room at the Metro Court and is hurriedly removing his gun harness as Carly walks in. She tells him that he nearly killed Jason and now she's going to turn him in. "THAT would be the last mistake that you make," Jerry says as he whips his gun around to her. She comes in and tells him that their deal was to bust Jason free, not have him killed. Jerry says that he had nothing to do with the shooting. "Breaking Jason out of custody would be an exercise in naval gazing." He says that he's working on having Jason acquitted, not breaking him out. He suggests that she should look at Sonny as the culprit this time.

After visiting Jason, Max stops by the Penthouse to let her know that Jason is okay. "I didn't let myself worry for too long." She says. He offers to help her move and she thanks him. She asks him to tell Jason that she'll be out of the penthouse in a day or two. Max says that he is worried about Jason's case and asks Sam to look past the breakup when she's on the stand. Sam's next visitor is Alexis. She says that even though Sam and Jason weren't married, they lived together for three years and maybe she can get the "spousal privilege" law to work in their favor to keep Sam off the stand. Sam thanks her mother for her efforts, but she plans on getting on the stand and stating, "…the whole truth and nothing but the truth."

Mayor Floyd gets in Ric's face for flubbing Jason's transfer. He suggests that Ric is too involved in the case and maybe he should put Special Prosecutor Baldwin in his place. Ric says that he's highly motivated and there's a difference. Floyd says that he wants the credit for putting Morgan away and threatens Ric that he'll be watching closely and then leaves. Nearby, Diane tells Sonny that she's going to the courthouse to push for a continuance and a change of venue and Ric has overhead. He suggests that he and Diane go to the judge together because he's got a case to make as well.

Amelia is able to blackmail Ric so that she can get in to see Jason. She thought he should know that the shooters were from Venezuela. They talk about how sad it was that the guard was killed and then Amelia thanks Jason for saving her from being killed for a second time. Jason suggests that she move her TV show to a different city. Amelia says, "I have a better idea. I'm going to keep you from going to jail."

As Robin and Patrick key into Patrick's apartment. She complains that they are so dysfunctional that they have to drink to obliterate the image of their parents together. He suggests that they turn their phones off and prepare a meal, open the skylight and eat dinner while they look at the harbor. Then, he wants to leave the clean up for morning and go to bed early. He tells her that he misses her. She kisses him and they decided to skip the dinner part until later.

Ric and Diane are standing in front of the judge. Diane makes her case that the PCPD transfer was so bungled by the DA's shameless desire for media attention and the jury pool is now tainted. Ric says that it's highly likely that Jason's business partner tried to break him free and as an established flight risk, he doesn't want to delay the trial any further. The judge proclaims that he's heard enough. "I'm prepared to close the trial to spectators and media, but the motion for a change of venue is denied." The case starts tomorrow.

Kate thinks that Sonny set her up to be his alibi.
Sam asks Liz who she thinks will end up hurting Jason the most?

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