On Cassadine Island, Laura confronts Valentin who thinks she should join her son. He fires his weapon but Kevin blocks the shot and falls unconscious to the ground, hit in the shoulder. Laura rushes to him as Dante struggles with Valentin, choking him. When Ava rushes for the gun, one of Valentin’s men stops her. When Kevin comes to, he collapses on the sofa. Ava begs Valentin to let her help Laura. He won’t and is angry at them for complicating things by screwing up his warning shot. Dante offers to be a hostage so that Valentin can let the others go. In the tunnels, Lulu stumbles over skeletal remains and can’t believe what she finds. She tries to talk herself out of thinking she has found Luke’s bracelet around the wrist of the remains. Sadness overcomes Lulu as she finds an earring as well. She argues with herself that it has to be a setup but she can’t shake that it might be her dad. Suddenly, Lulu hears a noise and grabs a stake. She strikes a man in the head as he steps around the corner and knocks him out. Finding his loaded gun she thinks like a Spencer and decides to improvise by returning upstairs where Valentin has decided he can’t trust anyone and asks who wants to die first. Lulu enters with the gun and says, “I vote for you.”

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At GH, Naomi wonders why Elizabeth and her daughter can’t get along. Rachel leaves when Franco interrupts. Franco questions if Elizabeth asking him out on a date was a dream. Elizabeth thinks it was a mistake but she stops him before he leaves and decides to go on the date. He really thinks she should take Heather’s money for the boys’ camp. The mention of Heather’s name distresses Naomi who Franco thinks is his good luck charm now that Elizabeth will date him. He says, “She’s like the only woman in the world I could date and my mother wouldn’t murder her.” Elizabeth notices Naomi struggling and wonders if Franco agitated her. Naomi recognized Franco, he was the darling of the art scene despite his work being dark. Elizabeth assures her Franco’s not a serial killer. He’s a changed man who’s left his past behind. Naomi likes Elizabeth and cautions she’s opening herself up to criticism for dating a relative. Elizabeth straightens out the confusion, Heather’s not related to her. Elsewhere, Rachel finds Finn and wonders if he found a way to get his medicine since he’s on his way out of town. He’s annoyed she’s there but she assures him she’s visiting her mom who’s having panic attacks. He’s angry and doesn’t want to put her in a position to help again. Rachel thinks it should be her choice.

Franco brings Heather flowers at the asylum. He wants to return her money and asks what she thinks about him dating Elizabeth. It’s a moot point, Heather can’t do anything about it locked up but promises not to do anything to Elizabeth. Franco wonders aloud what is so different about Elizabeth. She’s Jeff Weber’s daughter and he’s the reason she’s a woman of means. She can’t use the money and advises Franco to buy art supplies. Later, Heather’s surprised by a second visitor. She asks Naomi if she’s made another deposit on her behalf. Those payments are over. Naomi warns her not to breath one word to Franco about Elizabeth.

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Sonny steps into the shadows at the Metro Court as Kristina finishes a kiss with Parker. Kristina ducks back into Parker’s room and tries to invite herself to Parker’s talk. It’s sold out but Parker hears her pleas to return to her and “be in the moment”. They kiss goodbye and Kristina promises to wait it out in Parker’s room to avoid anyone she knows. Alone, Kristina answers a knock at the door and finds Sonny. She admits being there for breakfast with a friend but she has to get to work. Sonny stops her, they need to talk…he saw her kissing a woman. He questions her until she admits it is Parker her professor, and then he wonders why she didn’t tell him. Kristina was scared and didn’t want him to fix anything. She confesses liking both Aaron and Parker and doesn’t know if she’s gay but questions if Sonny will accept her if she is.

Franco returns to GH and asks Elizabeth if it’s a good thing that Heather approves of them dating. Rachel interrupts looking for her mom but Elizabeth had already accompanied her out of the hospital and teases how they have a lot in common.

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