At the Metro Court, Kristina tells Parker last night was the best night of her life, and she finally knows the difference between sex and making love. Parker is happy for her, but says they can’t be together. Parker feels she crossed too many lines with her, and that Kristina is using the excuse that she’s the only woman she’s been attracted to in order to avoid facing whether she is gay or not. Meanwhile, Kiki and Morgan wake up in their room, and after another round of love making, they head to work separately. Down in the restaurant, Kiki runs into Dillon, and the two agree to go back to being friends. Kiki is called over to a table of guys, who are celebrating their friend’s birthday. They flirt with her and ask her to get their friend a cupcake for him and help him blow out the candles. Dillon helps her deal with the creeps and set them straight. She thanks him as the jerks have been bothering her all summer, and now she thinks they’ll finally leave her alone.

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At GH, Griffin checks on Julian and informs him that his heart issues have passed and he can be released soon. He takes pleasure in giving Julian the divorce papers that Alexis left for him. Finn arrives later and Griffin notices he seems out of it. When Finn won’t explain what is going on, Griffin informs him that he’s obligated to report his behavior to the board, or Finn could confess to him as a priest. Finn has nothing to confess and walks off. Meanwhile, Julian’s associate visits, and Julian asks for more of the drug that set his heart rate off. He needs to postpone his hearing until his sister returns to help him make some moves. Later, Finn check on Julian and gives him a clean bill of health. Julian tries to claim something is wrong with him, but Griffin feels it was just a panic attack.

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At Castle Cassadine in Greece, Valentin checks on Ava, who was locked in Helena’s bedroom all night. She realizes he used her to setup Nikolas and take him out. Valentin actually feels some regret, as Nikolas was the only Cassadine who wasn’t completely rotten, but he got in his way. Ava understands vendettas, and admits she was only using Nikolas to try and swindle him. She offers Valentin the power of the Jerome organization, in exchange for her sitting by his side and sleeping in his bed. The two kiss and fall onto Helena’s bed. When she has him distracted, she knees him in the groin and hits him over the head with the Cassadine bible. Ava runs, and Valenin screams out to his men. Downstairs, Dante and Kevin use the moment to create a diversion by fighting so that Lulu can escape. Ava is brought down by one of the guards and joins the others. She explains everything that happened to Laura, and Laura breaks down in Kevin’s arms over her son’s death. Valentin bursts in and is furious with Ava, as he was about to take her up on her offer. He points his gun at her and relishes at the thought of ending her life. Laura loses it and screams that he claims to hate the Cassadines for ignoring him, but he is exactly like them. She cries that Mikos would be proud of him, while her son would have welcomed him into this family. She refuses to cooperate with him, so he tells her to enjoy joining her son in death. He shoots at Laura, but Kevin pushes her out of the way and is hit in the shoulder. Dante uses the moment to take out one of Valentin’s men. Down in the catacombs, Lulu finds herself lost and stumbles over an old skeleton.

Down on the riverfront, Sonny pays a visit to Aaron to talk about Kristina, and Aaron assures him he is not out to hurt or take advantage of his daughter. Later Morgan arrives and fills his dad in on the progress he’s made with Kiki. He suddenly realizes he left his medication at the Metro Court, so Sonny offers to go get it for him.

Back at the Metro Court, Kristina and Parker continue to argue. Out in the hall, Sonny is making his way to Morgan’s room when he gets a call from Finn that Julian has been cleared to be released. Kristina storms out of Parker’s room after Parker insists they can’t be together. Kristina wishes Parker would embrace what they have and pulls her into a kiss just as Sonny rounds the corner. Down in the restaurant, Tracy talks to Dillon about his relationship with Kiki. He insists they are just friends, but she doesn’t believe that for a second.

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