Scott meets Lucy at the Metro Court restaurant, where he asks his ex for a job working at Coco Cosmetics as council. She refuses and reveals she is broke thanks to Raymond Berlin. Scott points to his wife Naomi, who is sitting at the bar. They confront her over what her husband did, but she swears she had nothing to do with it. Elsewhere, Carly informs Sonny that she’s meeting a young woman who sold her kidney on the black market around the time that Joss got hers. Sonny receives a call about Julian’s arraignment being postponed, so he leaves to take care of some things. Up in Finn’s room, Hayden demands to know if he’s an addict and faking his sickness. Finn promises her he is not an addict and that he’d never lie to her, which prompts her to smile. Sonny shows up to see Finn, so Hayden leaves. Sonny has a way to help Finn, but he needs a favor from the doctor.

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Franco surprises Liz at GH with a check for six thousand dollars to use to send her kids to summer camp. Liz says it is too much, and explains that she’s already signed the kids up for a local camp. He jokes they can use the money on their first date then. Liz needs time to process things between them and wants to take it slow. He’ll wait as long as she needs. After Franco leaves, Ric, who was slinking around, asks what is going on between her and Franco. Liz feels she owes Ric no explanations.

A man who looks like a neat and clean version of Carlos (played by Jeffrey Vincent Parise) surprises Sabrina at the Quartermaine Mansion. She invites Jose, who goes by Joe, in. Michael sees him and freaks out, but Sabrina explains this is Carlos’ twin brother. Joe left Puerto Rico to become a doctor and is now a pediatric surgeon. He came here upon learning of his brother’s death, and over his guilt that they were estranged for years. He reveals Teddy is all he has left of his brother. Sabrina feels she is partly to blame for the brother’s feud, as she dated Joe first and then got involved with Carlos. Joe believes it was his leaving to go to med school that really broke Carlos, who felt his brother left him. Joe gives Sabrina his card to keep in touch, and she thanks him for his concern about Teddy.

General Hospital weekly spoiler promo: Sonny confronts Kristina over her sexuality

Back at the Metro Court, Franco joins his father, who is still badgering Naomi along with Lucy. Franco wanted to treat his dad to a nice dinner with the money he got from mom, and flashes his check. Lucy can’t believe Heather Webber has that kind of money. Naomi freaks out and then faints upon hearing Heather’s name. She is rushed off by the paramedics. Later, a young woman name Wendy Picket arrives to meet Carly and believes she may be Joss’ kidney donor. The woman turns out to be a fraud who is just looking for a payday, so Carly chases her out. Meanwhile, up in Finn’s room, Sonny asks Finn to take over Julian’s case and take care of him. Finn says he’s not a hit man, but Sonny isn’t asking that of him. He wants him to heal Julian and make sure he makes his arraignment. In return Sonny will get him a connection to the drug he needs. Finn agrees.

Hayden arrives at GH to check on her mother, who claims she simply had a panic attack. Liz visits as part of her rounds, and Hayden immediately snaps at her. Naomi tells her daughter to be nice, and she questions Liz about her past and family. When Liz brings up her father Jeff, Naomi has another panic attack. Liz calms her down and leaves to get her some medication. Hayden complains about Liz after she is gone, but Naomi tells her to stop it as it would do her good to learn to get along with that girl. Hayden decides to leave to call her father and inform him about her mother’s condition. Back in the hall, Ric continues badgering Liz about Franco, so she calls up Franco and asks him on a date. Hayden looks through her purse for her phone and glances over at Liz as a voiceover from Naomi says, “It’s a waste of time, your father won’t care about me, not the father you know, or the father you don’t know.”

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