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Nikolas urges Jason and Sam to leave Cassadine Island with Theo on his boat and to go home and exonerate Jason. He wants to stay here and bring his son to live with him. Sam and Jason refuse, and Theo bids everyone goodbye as the storm has calmed and he can now leave.

Dillon and Darby go on a date at the riverfront and stop for coffee at Aaron’s new place. Morgan is there with Kiki as he’s meeting Aaron to talk about his new job with him. Kiki runs into Dillon as he’s ordering Darby a new coffee. She can’t believe he’s on a date with that train wreck and trashes Darby to him. He reminds Kiki that she wanted a break from him, and he leaves with Darby. Kiki returns to Morgan, who notices that something seems to be bugging her. She admits she didn’t like seeing Dillon dating Darby, and he didn’t appreciate her advice about that witch. Morgan suggests they forget about Darby and focus on their future.

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At the Metro Court restaurant, Nathan wants the name of Claudette’s lover, but she says she can’t give it to him as there are reasons he never came forward or pressed charges. They argue, and he worries she may be uncomfortable if she insists on staying in Port Charles with all of his and Maxie’s wedding planning going on, but she tells him that won’t be a problem for her as she hasn’t exactly been celibate since he left her. Up in Claudette’s room, Curtis gets the info he needs and leaves. Maxie rants at the photo Claudette has of her and Nathan on their wedding day before she sneaks out. Maxie returns to the bar, and pretends to be surprised that Nathan is with Claudette. Nathan explains they were just clearing the air. Claudette leaves them, and Maxie tells Nathan that she ran into Curtis in the room, and that Nina hired him to look into Claudette. Nathan worries that Curtis might find out he shot someone and it could end his career. Maxie warns him that Claudette has their wedding photo in the room, and that she clearly wants him back. Upstairs, Claudette walks into her room and exclaims, “It’s official, Maxie is going to be a problem and that bitch has to go!” She realizes her wedding picture has been moved and that Maxie has been there.

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Kevin surprises Laura, Lulu and Dante at their hotel in Greece. Laura is touched that he’s come halfway around the world to help her. Dante and Lulu leave to check on the ferry while Kevin hands Laura photograph came for her from Lloyd and Lucy Johnson. It is of the Ice Princess, and there was also sand in the envelope. Laura explains the backstory of the Ice Princess, and thinks it’s a lure to Cassadine Island. Kevin asks her if she is sure that she wants to go there as Helena may have a trap waiting for her. Dante and Lulu return and inform them that the ferry is cleared to head out.

Curtis arrives at GH and runs into Griffin. He finds Griffin being a doctor and a priest at odds. Griffin reveals he has taken an absence from the priesthood, and he hasn’t decided if he’s returning. Curtis is glad he didn’t get the call because he couldn’t live without the ladies. Griffin becomes upset as people always seem to think that’s why priests leave the job. Curtis wonders why he left if not for a woman. Griffin tells him that he needs to get back to work, so Curtis leaves him.

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Back on Cassadine Island, Theo returns to tell them that a boat has landed on the island, and then he leaves again. Sam thinks it’s the boat they called, and Jason and Sam beg Nikolas to return with them and right his wrongs. Suddenly Laura, Kevin, Lulu and Dante walk in. Laura and Lulu are both thrilled to see Nikolas, though angry with him at the same time. Dante tells them all that they should get going, but Theo appears in the door and stops them. Theo’s Greek accent has vanished, he speaks with an American accent and explains they are all his guests now, and the first person to break the rules will die. He holds a gun on them.


Dillon takes Darby home thinking they are grabbing her suit to go swimming, but Darby dumps him as she can see he’s as into Kiki as Morgan is. He swears he’s not into Kiki and pulls her into a kiss to prove so. She smiles and invites him in.

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