Carly walks in to Jerry's hotel room and is shocked to see him! Jerry is making out with Dr. Lee on the hotel room floor! Dr. Lee gets dressed and hurriedly leaves. Alone, Carly tells Jerry that he has to get Jason out of jail - now! "Are you prepared to deliver on your part of the bargain?" he asks. Carly assures him that she will do anything to help him get into PC society as long as he helps Jason first!

Seeing Amelia at the television station, Sam tells her she needs time off. When Amelia objects, Sam tells her to take it up with the judge - and informs her she has been called to testify against Jason. Trying to get Sam's goat, Amelia pours salt in the wound, wondering if she will back Jason in hopes of winning him back or if she will throw him to the wolves for revenge. Sam leaves. Ric arrives and pitches a new story idea to Amelia - with him as the star! He wants her to film an episode of Everyday Heroes with Sam on the witness stand and him questioning her! Amelia turns him down, reminding him that the fans of the show want to see Sam not him. Ric promises exclusives throughout the trial if she'll go along with him. Amelia is intrigued.

Patrick and Robin are worried because Noah hasn't shown up for work. He walks in, happy, worrying them even more. Epiphany walks by with several nurses who are enthralled by the similarities between Noah and Eli. They leave. Noah tells them not to worry because he has everything under control. They talk about the night before and Robin tries to find out just what happened between Noah and her mother. He skirts the issue. Kelly arrives and pulls Robin away. Noah tells Patrick that Anna is really good at teaching him how to be Eli. He leaves. Epiphany walks back in with the nurses, telling them to go observe with Dr. Hughes. The nurses leave as Liz walks in. She tells Epiphany her fears about testifying at Jason's trial. Epiphany tells Liz not to lie, not matter what but Elizabeth is worried that the truth will be twisted to hurt Jason. Sam walks in, with a wrapped wrist, for help. She tells Epiphany she needs help now because she has to testify the next day. Elizabeth listens. When Epiphany steps away, she questions how Sam hurt herself and they begin arguing over Jason. Epiphany returns and Sam leaves. Instead of comforting Liz, Epiphany tells her that she understands how Sam feels and warns her that she - and Jason - better watch out. "There is nothing more dangerous than a woman scorned," Epiphany says.

Across the room, Kelly asks Robin what she needs to know about Carly Corinthos! She tells her about Carly finding her with Jerry Jacks, abhorred because she didn't realize who Jerry was when she met him in the bar. Patrick comes over when Kelly leaves. Robin wonders about the relationship between Anna and Noah. Patrick tells her there is too much other stuff going on for them to be getting romantic. Noah walks back in, talking to Anna and setting up a date for dinner later that night. Patrick tells Robin not to worry, it is only a working dinner. Noah hangs up. "Are you sleeping with my mother?" Robin asks.

Elizabeth goes in search of Emily. Seeing she is busy, Liz tries to leave but Emily asks her to stay and talk. Elizabeth tells her about Sam's visit, worried that the other woman is going to try to bury Jason during his trial. Liz admits that she isn't sorry for sleeping with Jason. Emily tells her to simply steer clear of Sam but Liz doesn't think she can.

Sam returns to the television station and learns that Amelia is now working on a piece for the trial. She begins to worry that Amelia might be up to something more. Elizabeth tracks down Sam at the television station and tells her they need to talk. When Sam confronts her about sleeping with Jason Elizabeth begs her not to turn on Jason on the stand.

Jason tells Sonny that he is being transferred back to Port Charles for the trial. Sonny isn't sure what to think of the news. Jason reassures him that the cops will never find Alcazar's body but Sonny still worries. He tells Jason about Sam being on the witness list, worried that she might hurt his case even more. Jason tells him that Sam doesn't know anything about Alcazar's death but Sonny doesn't care. He thinks Sam will make up anything to hurt him! Sonny tells Jason he needs to head Sam off by implicating her in the kidnapping of Jake. Jason refuses, reminding Sonny that will let out the secret of Jake's kidnapping. Sonny could care less; Jason tells Sonny to respect his wishes and keep Jake's paternity a secret! Sonny leaves.

Sonny returns to his office. Carly comes in, worried about Jason. Sonny assures her that Diane will get Jason out of prison but that isn't good enough for Carly. He reminds her that Ric is waiting for him to make a move. She offers to be his alibi. Sonny cuts Carly off, telling her that he won't break Jason out of jail. Carly leaves. Moments later Ric returns, trying to push Sonny's buttons about Jason's arrest and impending conviction. He tells Sonny about the camera crew that will follow Jason and tells Sonny not to try to break Jason out. "You're holding all the cards," Sonny says, "so why are you the one sweating?"

Outside the police station, Jerry is checking things out. Carly arrives, worried about why Jerry is there. He asks her what goes in to her being his new best friend. Angry, Carly tells him her friendship will keep him from being killed by Milo or someone else. Jerry tells her he'll help her. He leaves. Ric walks up, surprised to see Carly and telling her that she needs to leave. He mentions the news story and Amelia's involvement, angering her. Amelia walks up with her cameraman. She asks to stay on the ground rather than up above. Carly tells Ric that as soon as the camera starts rolling, she is going to spill the beans about what he did to her in the panic room! Ric walks away and Carly follows, threatening to tell the whole truth. Diane walks in, angry now that she knows Ric has had Jason shackled. Ric defends his actions, telling the women that Jason deserves to be shackled.

Sonny returns home, finding Kate at her home next door. She pulls out a few plans, trying to ignore him. He won't let the subject of their sleeping together drop though. "You regret it?" he asks and she says she is simply trying to forget it ever happened. Sonny tells her that he sent flowers. She thanks him, touched. Quickly, though, she gets nervous and pulls away from him to focus on her construction plans. Sonny pulls the plans away from her and tells her they need to figure out which road they are on!

The guards get Jason ready for transfer as Diane watches. She makes a note of Jason's condition and warns the guards that she'll be checking Jason out again when he arrives at the PCPD. On the drive to the PCPD, one of the guards sits with Jason, telling him that he doesn't want any trouble. As he talks about his family vacation, scheduled to start as soon as Jason is delivered, Jason thinks about his own problems, his own family and the decisions he has made. The guard asks if Jason has any kids. They finally arrive at the police station. Masked men hurry out of a black car and begin firing on the guards! Seeing Amelia could be hit, Jason hustles her to the ground to protect her from the bullets. One of the guards goes down and his pistol slides across the concrete, coming to rest not far from Jason!

Next on GH:

Sonny thinks he and Kate should date! Jason grabs a gun and fires on his "rescuers". Liz and Sam finally have it out. Ric tries to protect Carly.

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