At the hospital, Spencer whines to Kevin and Laura that he’s dying from a stomach ache following a hot dog eating contest. The adults walk into the hall. She doesn’t understand why the kid is so happy when his father may be dead. Back in the room, Spencer grumbles to his father’s voicemail about what a drag it is to be stuck with a shrink. Kevin comes in and explains that Laura is upset. He suggests that Spencer share his phone with his grandma to cheer her up. The kid says she can use her own phone. Laura comes in to take him home. They discover he has two phones. She checks the second and sees that calls have been coming in and out.

On Cassadine Island, Ava cheerfully drinks while Sam bickers with her. Nikolas says that Sam and Jason don’t have half a brain between them. If they did, they’d let him go. He warns that Helena’s curse on them will be their downfall. The lights go out. When they come back on, the prince is gone. Jason goes down to the cellar and finds Nikolas on the floor. It looks like a beam hit him. He takes him back upstairs. Nik and Ava get into a corner and he shows her that he grabbed a cell downstairs. Meanwhile, Jason tells Sam he doesn’t think they are alone on the island. A figure looms outside the window.

Casting news! James Patrick Stuart as Valentin Cassadine

Sonny surprises Carly at the Metro Court with news about Josslyn’s kidney. The former admin at the hospital, Ramona, got it through an organ selling ring. She took off when she thought people were onto her. Carly says Jax is reluctant to dig into this further. Carly still wants to dig. Sonny has one of his men bring Ramona in. He takes off and Carly questions her. After Carly dishes out some threats, Ramona explains the person handling the organ for Joss was a woman she’d never seen. She IDs a photo of Helena as the woman. After she walks off, she calls someone to say that she thinks Carly bought her story.

Kristina is in bed with Aaron. She explains that she wanted to be more than Parker’s student, but it never went anywhere.

Throwback! Luke, Laura, Cassadine Island and the Ice Princess

Anna, Paul and Jordan are at Julian’s searching for evidence. Molly and Kristina show up, wondering where their mom is. The cops explain that they got her to wear a wire to get the goods on Julian. That doesn’t go over well. Molly panics and cries to her sister. Kristina is sure that Sonny will rescue their mom. Aaron shows up and Kristina fills him in.

Julian has Alexis on the pier, lecturing her for leaving him no choice. She says if he kills her, he kills their baby. He knows she’s not pregnant and has been manipulating him. She may have made him a better man, but she also destroyed that man. Before he can slit her throat, Sonny shows up with his gun out. The men wrestle for the gun. Alexis grabs the knife from the ground and stabs Julian in the back. Sonny finds he isn’t dead and then puts his prints on the knife before instructing her not to say anything to the cops. Jordan and Anna arrive. The mobster claims that he stabbed Julian in a fight.

Julian is taken into the hospital with Alexis, Sonny, Anna and Jordan. When the cop leaves them alone, Alexis thanks Sonny for what he did. Later, a doctor comes out to announce that Julian will live. In his hospital room, he comes to and mumbles that he’s not done with Alexis. Meanwhile, Sonny calls Carly to check with her about Ramona.

Alexis returns home and her children run into her arms. She tells them that Julian won’t be a problem anymore.

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